Golden Temple | スーの日本国内旅行記

Golden Temple

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We took rest in the morning, then went to sightseeing from afternoon.

Ume-chan said if we come to Kyoto, we should visit Golden Temple, Kinkakuji.
I didn’t think I go there but come to think of it, I went there more than 15 years ago…ok, let’s go there!


Kinkakuji, Golden Temple

Oh~, there were not so many tourist when I was university student but many tourist now!!


Photo with Agnesa*


Photo with Alberto*


Behinde of Golden Temple


These pine tree are made like ship shape.


I sat down on the stone that rich people used to sit there*

Well, we didn’t have time so much today, we took bus to city center.
It was already 3pm, we take late lunch.


Ramen at Ippudo.

Then we walked along Nishiki food market street, Agnesa and Alberto ate few snack there.

We went back home, then I did Thai massage to Alberto.

Then Tiwanese couple, next guest came to Nakano-san’s house, we ate Okonomiyaki together*
I enjoy new meeting with new people***

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