T-shirt on TV?

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I’m selling some I Love Japan T-shirts with Japanese character Kanji on Sueya.

There are I Love Japan,
I Love Tokyo,
I Love Kyoto,
I Love Osaka,
I Love Okinawa,
I Love Hokkaido,
I Love Fukui.

From there, the I Love Hokkaido T-shirt may be on TV!?

I Love Hokkaido

I Love Hokkaido in Japanese T-shirt

I got a e-mail that a reporter of NHK may wear this T-shirt on “You-doki Network” on next Friday.

But they still not sure the reporter wear it or not.
TV director will decide it for wearing.
So I will see on the day by myself(LOL).

Anyway, I’m glad they chose my T-shirt 😀
I will watch the program on next Friday.

By the way, the popular T-shirt from these are “I Love Tokyo” and “I Love Kyoto” for foreign tourist.

If you have any request, please let me know here or on the facebook page 🙂