Fireworks at Sumida River

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Last night, other people who stayed Naomi’s friend house drunk very much untill late night.
They woke up around 11am.


Noodle for breakfast*
Thank you so much!

Well, by the way, I tell you a little story.
You may know, I finally got boy friend these days.
To tell you the truth, it’s for the first time in around 10 years that I have a boy friend.
But I stayed with Joe, my boy friend just 2 weeks together, then long distance love between Thailand and Japan.
We do skype almost every night, but I can’t do skype duling the trip, so I send him my pritty photos instead, to he don’t forget me.(Am I good girl friend?)


So this is the photo I sent Joe today*

…Well, actually, I’m using photo app “Beauty Booth Pro” when I take my photo.
I wrote about the app before in Sue’s Memo though, it makes skin beautiful and add sparkle eye. *but I don’t add the sparkle eye though.

Now I show you the photos to compare.


Left: Before camera effect
Right: After camera effect

White skin is good in Thailand, so I make my skin white!!(LOL)

We took rest until the evening, then we went to Kamameshi restaurant, Mutsumi.


We ate dinner with drink, then went back to Naomi’s friend’s house.


We can see the fireworks festival from the balcony.
We also can see the sky tree too.
That’s so nice!(>▽<)

So the revenge for last year done!