Good bye Mexico

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I went to bed at 4:30am, so very very sleepy…but I woke up at 8am, then Cristina took me to bus terminal and said good bye..
I wish I could stay here more…but I guess I may come here again!! 😀


I took the bus, Primera Plus for N381$(about 26USD) to Mexico city.


My seat~.


They gave me this snack for passenger.

The bus left at 9:30am, then arrived at Mexico city on 2:30pm, after 5 hours bus left.

Then I went to Horacio, couch host house though…

there is a problem..
I wanted to stay his house for 1 night, but tomorrow is the national holiday of Mexico, so the subway will started from 7am…
My flight to LA is on 8am, so I have to be there on 6am,,, it means I have to take taxi but the price is double price of normal day.. so I decided to go to airport tonight to stay for tonight.

So just I let my baggage on his house, then I go to center to buy souvenir 😀


Wow, today is a independence day, so there are a lot of shop on the pedestrian street.

I went to the shop that I went last time,


I bought these 😀
All together for N355$(about 27USD)

I went back home around getting dark,


Paola, Italian girl who is a room mate of Horacio made Pasta for me*
Thank you very much!!

Then I did laundry and took shower, I left house before 11pm.

I went to airport by subway.

When I arrived there, it already midnight though, I walked around to find a place to sleep.
Then I found the place many people are sleeping! There are bath room near there too!


Here is the sleeping place tonight.

It’s long time I sleep in the airport….ah? I slept at airport in Las Vegas.

Well, the last day in Mexico is finished~.

I came to Mexico because my Japanese friend recommended to come here.
But everyone said Mexico is super dangerous now.
So I actually was scared to come here.
But when I come here, very nice country, super nice Mexican people, so I like Mexico very much now!!
And very safe so far!!!
It’s just a border where is a dangerous place.
Inside of Mexico is super nice, even Mexico city.

I really enjoyed Mexico and wanna come back here again to travel around more!!!
Muchas gracias, Mexico!!!


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