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Are Thai people rich? Thailand 2

Are Thai people rich?

When I came to Thailand last time, I didn't cook so much, bu...
Khao Yai Floating Market Thailand 2

Khao Yai Floating Market

We went to Bangkok Hospital in this morning for medical chec...
Loy Krathong Thailand 2

Loy Krathong

There is Loy Krathong festival every year in Thailand. This ...
Expensive wine Thailand 2

Expensive wine

Joe's friend's, Ben came to Khao Yai, so we will meet him at...
Last day Thailand 2

Last day

I stayed Thailand around 3 weeks, last day finally. I though...
Money I spent for this trip Thailand 2

Money I spent for this trip

Thailand for 27 days(10/15~11/10), stayed with Thai boyfrien...
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