To Thailand

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I leave Japan with such clothes.
Thailand is hot, Japan is cold when I come back, feel cold on plane, will go to dinner with Joe’s friends in Bangkok.


I took train rapiit to Kansai airport by Nankai.
Quite comfortable*

If you use Kansai airport many times, it’s better you make KIX-ITM card for free.
You can get 10 point when you take plane, and use the point for discount many things, actually I took this train for 930en from 1480yen!


I got on air asia at 11:00am, then transfer at Kuala Lumpur, then got to Bangkok around 8pm!

I run to custom then went out from arrival gate, someone said “Mariko!”(>▽<)
I met Joe for the first time after 4 months!!
He took my backpack, then went to car park, he gave me a box.


What’s this!?
What? Present!? Thank you so much!!(>▽<)

I guessed shoes from the box size.
Anyway, surprised!

I will open the box later, we headed to his friend F’s shop, he is a owner of car wrapping.

We met F and his girlfriend, then went to a restaurant.


It was good dinner, but I worried how much…

I asked Joe how much was that after the dinner, he said 2000B!!
It’s actually 7000yen in Japan!!

Here in Thailand, but 1750yen a each person!?
I didn’t think the foods was not so special…why so expensive?

He said we had to pay 10% for service fee and 7% tax, and tip too.

It’s like in USA!!

When I surprised, he said it’s normal in such restaurant.
Oh, I had never been to such restaurant…I didn’t know that at all.

Then we said good bye to F and his GF, Joe took me to a hotel that his friend’s are owner.
The room was spacious and clean and with bath tub, but shower hanger was broken…couldn’t put shower on a wall, it was not good(>_<)
And water duct was stuck, water came out to room…
I wanted to change room but just hotel staff came for cleaning..
The room was ok but just water system was not good…

Well, by the way, let’s open the box that Joe gave me at the airport!(>▽<)

When I broke the wrapping paper, there was a box written PRADA on top.

What!! Is that PRADA’s shoes!?!? Serious!?!?(>▽<)

Then I opened the box….

What?? What’s this??

There was looking-nice black pumps, but something strange…the PRADA’s print brand name on insole was blur…

What? Whose one is this??

I couldn’t understand what it was, then Joe said “It’s second one is too expensive. Do you wear second hand?”
I said “Yes..!! I like second hand!! I have never wore PRADA’s shoes!!”

Though, I disappointed a little bit, and I guessed the price is around 2000yen? as it was second hand.

“How much was this shoes?” I asked.

Whaaaaaat!!!! 3000B!!!!
3000B for second hand shoes!?!?
It means 10,000yen!!

Hey!! If you give me such expensive second hand shoew, buy new cheaper shoes at outlet!!(>_<)

“Where did you buy this shoes!?”
“From friend, she just born baby, and she was selling her shoes, so I bought it. Acutally I bought 3 pair of shoes for just 4000B, it’s cheap, right?”

3 pair of shoes for 4000B, 14,000yen!!
Please don’t buy those for me!!!(>_<)
I think it’s not for me!! It’s for your friend, to make her happy!!

While I’m traveling, I just carry 2 pair of shoes, so he thought I was poor, that’s why he bought shoes for me, but I don’t need such expensive second hand shoes..I can bring other shoes from Japan..!

And the PRADA shoes’s brand print was very blur, it means his friend wore it more than 10 times…!!


Anyway, it was first present from him for me, I tried to be happy.

But…well,,, the shoes was 1.5cm bigger than my feet…very big…
It’s not fit at all…maybe I can walk very slowly..

“You can go to party by this” he said.
“Well,,,maybe…(maybe will fall)” I said.

I think shoes for present is very difficult, usually.
Even if the size was same, width or hight also different, so we have to try first before buying…

OK, now it’s my turn.

“Joe, please close eyes, don’t open at all!!”

I took something out from backpack, and set on his front.

“Ok, open your eyes!!”

“What!? What’s this!! What!!”
“Birthday present for you!!”



Mizuno, football shoes, Wave Ignitus 3 MD Gold and Black, Keisuke Honda limited model, about 18,000yen!!

Joe wanted to buy it from last time, so I asked his feet size many times, and even we went to outlet for check his feet size at sports shoes shop, so I knew correct his feet size.

If you present shoes for someone, you should know someone’s correct feet size, you know.
I just had small backpack but I brought it with Mizuno’s shoes box somehow from Japan.


I could make him really happy, he was excited to wear it, of course the feet size was exactly fit!!
He should buy new PRADA shoes for me for sure.


The first day in Thailand, started by competition of shoes present.

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