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Local Thai wedding Thailand

Local Thai wedding

We woke up earlier than usual. We can eat rice soup if w...
Night Market Thailand

Night Market

This is famous brand tea in Japan. But we found strange t...
Watching Movie Thailand

Watching Movie

Joe got injured back by football yesterday, so he took rest ...
Thief! Thailand


Joe opened his shop, customer bought something and he starte...
Last day Thailand

Last day

Thai rice soup for breakfast* I love this, so yummy! I wan...
Ride a Porsche Thailand

Ride a Porsche

Joe bought rice soup today too* Thank you sooooo much~~~!!...
Foods in Osaka Thailand

Foods in Osaka

Well, when I got to Osaka, I go to Chee's house every time, ...
Money I spent in Thailand Thailand

Money I spent in Thailand

Thailand for 16 days(5/17~6/1), this time is not really trav...
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