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Well, today is not special day, I suggested watching DVD, Letter from Iwojima.
We watch DVD with snacks.


I eat this fruits that we got it Beer’s aunt’s restaurant before.
I thought it’s LonGan, but not.
I could eat just 10% of the inside.
Not so practical fruits.


Mango sheet.
It’s good taste but stick to teeth.

When we started watching DVD, Beer came for chatting.
He suggested us for Moogata with his girl friend tonight.

Yeah~! It’s my favorite~!!

The place was not so far from Joe’s shop, so I drove his car to the restaurant.
I could drive in Thailand~!


Wow! It’s Charcoal fire!


Moogata is BBQ and Nabe together style.

Well, I met Beer’s Girl friend Plai though, she was very beautiful and cute as perfect doll!

She is also the owner of Benz car, she came here by herself driving.
Wow, that’s awesome cool!!

But her attitude was not friendly at all at that time…she didn’t eat so much and just watched smart phone all the time..
It seems she didn’t enjoy our dinner at all…anyway it’s not my business though..

But Joe said they had problem before Moogata, so it was just bad timing, she is friendly and smily person usually.

Ok, I got it, I’m looking for meet her next time again!

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