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Today’s breakfast*
I cooked it with fresh egg just took yesterday morning!

This fresh egg is brought by employee.
His relative has egg farm.

Well, Joe have to stay in his shop most of the day, so I also stay with him with writing blog though, the employee quite his job today suddenly.

It’s not rare case in Thailand and he has serious story, so Joe just paid salary until today then good bye normally.

It means Joe have to stay in his shop more and I don’t go out by myself under such hot weather, I just do internet.

Thus blog would not interesting anymore, I may upload sometimes??

Beer invited us for Thai style Sukiyaki.
We went to Beer’s house at night.
Beer’s land is so wide, he has maid’s house on his land too.
He may richest person I have ever met?


We did Sukiyaki at out side.
Cute chair*


This is Thai style Sukiyaki, different from Japanese Sukiyaki.

We got home around 1pm… it means 3am in Japan…I was so sleepy…

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