Money I spent in Malaysia and Singapore

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I visited more than 13 places in 2 countries for 8days(9/14~9/21)!

Osaka – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore – Kuching – Kuala Lumpur – Osaka

【Flight ticket】Air Asia
Osaka~Kuala Lumpur return 42,000yen(24,000yen/1person)
Kuala Lumpur~Singapore 5,942yen(2,971yen/1person)
Singapore~Kuching 15,839yen(7,920yen/1person)
Kuching~Kuala Lumpur 8,654yen(4,327yen/1person) include sky bus fee
TOTAL 72,435yen(36,218yen/1person)

★Kuala Lumpur(2star, 20km20min from airport, 10~20MYR for pick up van/1person)
Sri Packers at KLIA Double(with Breakfast) 1night 2,528yen(24.11USD)
★Kuching(4star, free pick up from airport, center)
Batik Boutique Hotel City Facing Sweet(with Breakfast) 2nights 13,186yen(125.76USD)
★Kuala Lumpur(1star, near Bukit Bintang)
Hotel Paloma Inn Twin(with Breakfast) 1night 4,134yen(38.58USD)
★Kuala Lumpur(3star, free pick up from train station, 3min to airport by train)
Rumah Putih B & B Superir(with Breakfast) 1night 7,087yen(66.13USD)
TOTAL 26,935yen(13,468yen/1person)

【Money I spent in each country】
★Singapore 9/15~9/17 2nights
(1$ = 87.82yen)
Foods 174.45$(6,538yen)
Transports 44$(3,864yen)
Admission fee 66$(5,796yen)
Souvenir 127$(2,371yen)
Total 211.5$(18,570yen)
18,570yen÷2nights = 9,285yen/night

★Malaysia 9/14, 9/17~9/21 5nights
(1MYR = 34.80yen)
Foods 247.85MYR(8,625yen)
Transports 116.4MYR(4,051yen)
Toor fee 268MYR(9,326yen)
Souvenir 163MYR(5,672yen)
Others 8.15MYR(248yen)
Total 803.4MYR(27,958yen)
27,958yen÷5nights = 5,592yen/night

So Money for Total is..
Flight tickets 72,435yen
Hotels 26,935yen
Singapore 18,570yen
Malaysia 27,958yen
Total 145,899yen(72,949yen/each)

Well, total traveling cost with mom to Singapore 2nights and Malaysia 5 nights was,
145,899yen for 2 people, 72,949yen for each.

Oh, come to think of it, the cost is almost same from Travel to South Korea with mom 2 years ago!!

It means if I travel South East Asia around 1 week with mom, it’s better I prepare about 150,000yen?

Ok, got it 🙂