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The flight at 8am, it means we have to arrive at 6am.
It take 10 min from Salak Tinggi to the airport, that’s why we stayed this hotel, Rumah Putih B & B, it’s near but we woke up at 4:30am!


The hotel prepared free breakfast for us even still 5am in the morning!!
If our flight was late, they prepare good breakfast from 7am though, but still grateful!!(>▽<)

Then hotel staff drop us at train station for free.

It was just transit hotel but ver nice!!
If I had chance, I wanna stay there longer.


It’s early morning but there were some people to go to the airport, maybe they work at the airport.
We got express train, then got to the airport at 6pm.


Air asia to Japan!
It was 20 minutes delay to took off.


Mom wanted try flight meal, so I bought it for the first time, 19MYR.
I surprised as it’s very small!!
Chicken was not good, not tasty…
I expected good meal as I pay but I won’t buy flight meal in Air asia anymore..


Then we bought cup noodle for 6MYR.

Taste was very normal, maybe better than flight meal?
But it’s expensive, I prefer Japanese cup noodle.

We got to the Kansai airport in 7 hours, we went to Nakano-san’s house to stay tonight.
He prepared Nabe for us, thanks!!

Then we went back to Fukui next day~.
We walked a lot in this travel though, I hope mom enjoyed this travel!