Kuching to Kuala Lumpur

English Japanese

We went to restaurant for free breakfast*
We ordered different menu from yesterday.


We ordered Pancake and Omelet from menu, but yesterday’s menu was better than today.
If you stay at Batik Boutique Hotel, we recommend the menu from 1st one!

Well, we still had enough time until leave, we went to sight seeing.


Chinese temple.


Souvenir shop on the street.


We drunk Pink Guava juice with seeing river.


Chinese museum, free but small.

We went back to the hotel to check out.


We went to the airport by car from the hotel for free.


Rice soup for lunch for 5.85MYR.


The plane left 13:55 from Kuching, then got to Kuala Lumpur at 15:40.
No delay by Air Asia, nice company!


Then we took sky bus on the airport to Central Kuala Lumpur.
We already had a bus ticket with flight ticket.

We headed to the hotel but I followed google map, we left at Imbi station but very far.
There were many road construction, it took us 30 minutes to the hotel!
The hotel said “Hang Tuah” station was nearest, I won’t follow google anymore!


Hotel Paloma Inn
The room is not so wide but new and clean*
Air condition, TV, towel and water, with breakfast for 2000yen a each, not bad huh?


We walked to Bukit Bintang.
Come to think of it, last time Art took me to the restaurant, tha taste was nice…
Well let’s have a look!

I found the restaurant and saw menu but it seems expensive!
I didn’t expect that.
Anyway, I had no idea where I go, just eat a little bit.


When we sat down, they served red beans and paper towel without asking.
They said a Satay is 1MYR, can order from 5 sticks, so I oredered it, and cheapest soup and small rice.

But satay was very very small, it’s too expensive if it’s 1MRY for 1 stick.
Egg soup was ok but rice was very small.

I felt bad somehow….I asked the check, the price was 27.20MYR!?!?
Isn’t it too expensive for such poor menu!? Here is Malaysia!

I checked receipt though, they charged beans and paper towels too.
I didn’t order it!! They tried to get money from Japanese tourist as much as possible….
Oh no~~~, I didn’t expect this restaurant was scam…when Art took me here last time they didn’t serve any meal without asking…because we are Japanese? Maybe…

I should have chosen other restaurant~(>_<。
I wanted let mom eat tasty menu,, if I was alone like usual I always make tension though…


Mom said she wanna eat ice cream, so I bought Turkish ice cream for 5MRY.
It’s small but expensive!

I forgot about Turkish ice cream though, they tried to play when mon tried to take it.
Mom surprised about it, so she broke her ice cone.

Turkish men!! Don’t do it for old people!!(>_<)

Well it was already dark, but I wanted to take photo with Twin tower.
I headed to KLCC but I got lost a little bit…
I asked the way to Police man though, he said there is no train to there, 30 minutes walk to there.

Ummm,, I thought there was train to KLCC though…anyway it’s just 30 minutes, we started to walking.

When we walked along the street, Indian or Iran man talked with Japanese for us, someone touched my body!! So disgusting!!

If I were travel alone, I always wear Jeans and T-shirt, but this time I were cute clothes and make my face up too, that’s why my looks was normal Japanese tourist.
I started dislike Kuala Lumpur…(>_<)

Then we walked around 40 minutes, we finally got to KLCC…but there was train…the police don’t ride train usually…he didn’t know that..


We took a photo with Twin tower!
Whoa~~~, that’s nice photo, right?

Then we went back to hotel by train…