Travel with Mom 2

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“I can be able to get 5 days holiday as I worked 10 years, so I wanna travel somewhere”, Mom said.

She said so when I came back from Thailand in June.

“Huh? When?”
“I can get any date”
“Ok, it means about 7 days include weekend”

I saw calender.

“Can you get the holiday between weekday and public holiday?”

I checked calender again…I found she can make 11 days holiday in September!

Humm, do we go to Europe??
But it’s too short.

Then, mom suggested.
“How about Viet Nam?”
“Do you wanna go there?”
“Just I saw there by TV program..”

Viet Nam…but I went there last time…even though it’s cheap.

Anyway, I started looking for flight ticket on air asia.

Oh! Osaka – Kuala Lumpur is very cheap!!
I bought round ticket for 42,000yen for 2 people!(21,000yen each!)

Well, I make some plan from Kuala Lumpur.

【2 nights in Ho Chi Minh, 3 nights in Bangkok, 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur】
Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh 5,367yen + service fee
Ho Chi Minh to Bangko 4,316yen + service fee
Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur 8,215yen + service fee
TOTAL 17,898 + service fee(for 1 person)

【2 nights in Singapore, 2 nights in Kuching, 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur】
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 2,801yen + service fee
Singapore to Kuching 7,505yen + service fee
Kuching to Kuala Lumpur 3949yen + service fee
TOTAL 14,255yen + service fee(for 1 person)

Oh, both plan are cheap…!
(If I didn’t consider date, I can find more cheap ticket but I have to consider date too.)

I asked mom which one she wanna go, but she said anything fine.
She wanna travel somewhere but she doesn’t have strong emotion…

Umm,, I can go both,,, but I wanna go Kuching, and Singapore too, and the second plan cheaper, ok, I decided second plan!

9/14 Osaka16:40dep. Kuala Lumpur22:25arr. 1night
9/15 Kuala Lumpur8:35dep. Singapore9:50arr. 2 nights in Singapore
9/17 Singapore11:45dep. Kuching13:15arr. 2 nights in Kuching
9/19 Kuching13:55dep. Kuala Lumpur15:40v 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur
9/21 Kuala Lumpur8:00dep. Osaka15:25arr. 1night in Kyoto

【Flight ticket】
Osaka~Kuala Lumpur return 42,000yen(24,000yen/1person)
Kuala Lumpur~Singapore 5,942yen(2,971yen/1person)
Singapore~Kuching 15,839yen(7,920yen/1person)
Kuching~Kuala Lumpur 8,654yen(4,327yen/1person) include sky bus fee
TOTAL 72,435yen(36,218yen/1person)

I booked hotel in advance as this travel with mom.
I used agoda.

★Kuala Lumpur(2star, 20km20min from airport, 10~20MYR for pick up van/1person)
Sri Packers at KLIA Double(with Breakfast) 1night 2,528yen(24.11USD)
★Kuching(4star, free pick up from airport, center)
Batik Boutique Hotel City Facing Sweet(with Breakfast) 2nights 13,186yen(125.76USD)
★Kuala Lumpur(1star, near Bukit Bintang)
Hotel Paloma Inn Twin(with Breakfast) 1night 4,134yen(38.58USD)
★Kuala Lumpur(3star, free pick up from train station, 3min to airport by train)
Rumah Putih B & B Superir(with Breakfast) 1night 7,087yen(66.13USD)
TOTAL 26,935yen(13,468yen/1person)
*Just booked for 5 nigths, as I use Couch Surfing in Singapore
*I shouldn’t booked Sri Packers as I found new coupsel hotel inside the airport!

Flight ticket + Hotel for 5nights
72,435yen + 26,935yen = 99,370yen(49,685yen/1person)

Oh! That’s not bad for family trip*