To South Korea again

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“2000yen for South Korea for one way!”

I received such e-mail this March.

Actually, it’s not rare these days but I impressed the price at that time.
Why not I go to South Korea if I could go there in 4000yen return!?

I decided going there October.

Ok, let’s fly to Busan and come back from Seoul!

So I bought one way ticket for 3,855yen from Osaka to Busan, cheap!!(>▽<)
Then I tried to return ticket from Seoul to Osaka, it showed it’s 6,507yen.

Wh,,,Why!?!? It must be 2000yen for one way!!

So I tried round ticket from Busan and Seoul on the same date, it showed 4000yen for return…but when I tried from South Korea to Japan, the promotion didn’t apply!!

How cooooome!!!(>_<)

It means from Japan was cheap but not from South Korea!!!!

Oh no~!!!! I should have tried it before~~~!!!!(CryCryCry)

I really couldn’t take it but no way…
But if I through the ticket away and buy other round ticket, it’s not make sense..
I couldn’t take it…so I just bought one way from Busan,,,I don’t go to Seoul anymore…

This it the ticket.
Osaka to Busan 3,855yen
Busan to Osaka 6,507yen
Total 10,362yen

Oh no~~!! If I bought round ticket from first, it would be just 8000yen!!(>_<。
This price it just normal promotion!!

Whoa~,,, why I did it again…(I’m improving..)

Anyway, I bought this ticket 6 months ago, I didn’t know I go to Singapore and Malaysia with mom.

Ok, this time I go to Tsushima~!!
(Tsushima is Japan island, but close from Busan.)

I asked Korean friend though, she said the cheapest ferry return ticket is 39000W!!(about 4200yen), and extra fee is 9200W and 1000yen.

It’s so cheaper than from Japan!! From Japan it will be more than 30000yen!!

But she couldn’t get the ticket for me…the date was already full(>_<。。。

Then, I travel around South part of South Korea.
This travel will be no plan as usual.