Going back to Japan



Today’s breakfast*
Thank you so much!!

Well, I leave Jeong Ah’s house before noon to the airport, so I don’t have time for sightseeing today.
So I go shopping at super market*

I went to super market first, then went to Daiso that Jeong Ah suggested.
Whoa? Daiso!? Daiso is Japanese company, it’s like a dollar shop, we love it!!


Daiso in South Korea.
But it’s not fix price, between 500w~5000w(about 0.50~5USD).
Not bad though!
It’s good for souvenir!


I bought these for souvenir.
Last year, Japanese yen was high so I felt everything was cheap, but yen is weak so I feel not so cheap…(>_<)

By the way, cold noodle in Busan is different from standard one in South Korea.
Joeng Ah told me the restaurant.


This is the restaurant.
Opened from 11am, I was first customer*


Cold noodle in Busan for 4000w(About 4USA)

Oh, the noodle is white!
Normally, it’s dark.

The noodle is long, so I cut it by scissors.

Taste was good 🙂

But I wanted to put mayonnaise on it though…(LOL)

I went back to home and packed my baggage.
I said thank you and good bye to Jeong Ah and her baby.

I enjoyed Busan very much~!!
I will come back again~!!


It’s me, on the way to the airport.
I came to South Korea by small backpack, just it.


I got to the airport in 40 minutes~.


I checked-in at the Peach counter.


The gate opened 10 minutes before take off.
Plane took off at 14:35 on time.


Peach airline sale special train ticket from Kansai airport ot Namba.
I bought it in 800yen.(normally it’s 890yen)
Good deal~!

I got to Osaka about 4pm, I came back Japan~*

I headed to information counter to get some card.


This is the card, I can get some point when I take plane using Kansai airport.
I can change the point to Mile or voucher.
If you use Kansai airport many times, it’s good to have it.

I took Nankai train and metro to Osaka station.


I bought “Shumai” at 551 in Isetan department store.
551 is famous in Osaka.
Usually I buy steamed meat bun almost every time, but I chose Shumai this time.

Then I took JR train to Fukui, my home town.
I got to my home at 11pm.
It’s the longest way in this trip…(LOL)

So this trip finished~!!

I enjoyed this trip that I met many people as usual!!
And, I didn’t meet this time but Ik-sou my host in Seoul last year searched train and bus time table for me through internet!(As I can’t read Korean language.) Thank you!!

Nex time, I wanna talk and read Koeran language more!
See you next time~***