I love Spa



Today’s breakfast*
Thank you so much!!

Well, today is rainy.
I don’t have any appointment today, so easy feeling~.
But my body is tired….Ah! I will go to Spa today!

I search about Spa in Japanese on internet, then I found “Hurshimchung”.

Let’s go there~!!

I took metro to “Oncheanjang”, then asked at tourist information where Hurshimshung is.
It was just 5 minutes from the metro station.


Is here??
It looks hotel or something and there were bakery.
I asked where the Spa is, shop staff said it’s upstairs.


Ok, I found the entrance!
Here I came!

The reception staff spoke Japanese, she said the fee is after payment, so I entered with locker’s key.


This is shoes locker, looks high-tech.

Hey, I can’t take photos from now!

There were large locker to keep clothes and baggage.
I took clothes off and be naked, totally naked(LOL).

In Japan, people will be naked but they still hide their important point by towels, but Korean people doesn’t hide anything.
Ok, I don’t hide anything too(LOL).

There were many towel for washing and drying body for free, so I took it and went to inside the bath room.

It’s big dome style bath, there were many kind of spa!
Lemon bath, coffee bath, salt bath, cold water bath, water falls bath, sauna, steam sauna…so fun!!

I also tried full-body skin-scrubbing, 20 minutes for 20000w(about 20USD), feeling good~*

I enjoyed the bathes about 2 hours, then went out.

Next I rent gown for 2000w(about 2USD), then entered Korean style sauna, mix space with man and woman.

I was so hungry, let’s take lunch first!


Boiled fish paste noodle for 45000w(about 4.50USD)
It’s same as Japanese Udon.

But…I was still hungry, let’s take next lunch!


Soy milk noodle for 5000w(about 5USD)
I have eaten it last year in Seoul though, it was not for me…but this time I put salt in it, so it’s better than last year.
I still wanted to put some soup in it though.

Anyway, I was full! Let’s go to Korean sauna~!


Korean people lay down on floor heating.
Looks funny a little bit but it seems relax and feel good.


It’s sauna dome.


This is ice room, cold.


This is sleeping room for woman.
People can stay here all the night by almost same fee.


This is Oxygen room(?).
Many charcoals are on the wall and make air clean.
Temperature is best temperature and feeling soooo goooood~…
There were wooden pillow, I slept there.

So goooood~.

Well, I wanted staying there whole day though, I wanted to go some places too, so I stayed there from 10am to 3pm.

Total fee for Spa

Entrance fee 8000w(about 8USD)
Rice juice 1000w(about 1USD)
Full-body skin-scrubbing 20000w(about 20USD)
Gown 2000w(about 2USD)
Noodle 4500w(about 4.50USD)
Soy milk noodle 5000w(about 5USD)

Total 40500w(about 40.50USD)

Wow, I spent money a lot here!(LOL)

I took metro to Busan University to shopping.


It’s looks like Takeshita street in Tokyo.
I didn’t buy anything here.

I perefer International Market!!
I took Metro to Jagalchi, then headed to my favorite place where I can buy cheap and cute clothes.
I just had 30 minutes there, I took some clothes quickly!


100% Silk scarf 3000w(about 3USD)
Some tops 1000w~2000w(about 1~2USD)

Total 7000w(about 7USD)

I love Busan~***

Ah! I drink fruits juice where I bought snack last night!
Walk walk.


This is the shop where I bought toast last night.
There were some fruits on the side, I chose peach.

It’s real fruits juice, so yummy~!!
2000w(about 2USD)

I like International market***

Then I went back home around 6pm.
I cook Japanese curry and rice tonight!
When I came to Jeong Ah’s house last year, she surved me Korean curry and rice.
It looked similar from Japanese one but the taste was different, so I wanted to show Japanese one to her.


Tada-! I cooked Japanese curry and rice~*

Keum-Hwa came to Jeong Ah’s house for dinner.
I met her last year too, so we invited her to eat Japanese curry and rice 🙂


Let’s eat~*
Keum-Hwa brought carbonated makgoli for us, so cheers for the first time in 1 year~!

I thought I made curry more than enough but the taste was so good that we 3 people ate it again each(LOL).

Jeong Ah’s husband came back home later then he ate it too, so the curry was gone!

We had good conversation until 10pm~.

It was so fun time~ XD