Sightseeing in Busan



Today’s breakfast, thank you so much!!

I left home at 8:30am to head to hostel where Corinna stay.
I sent message “I will go to your place around 9am~9:30 for enjoy our trip as much as possible.” to Corinna before.

When I got to the hostel….what!? The gate closed~~~!?!?
I got there 9 o’clock….but I didn’t expect I can’t go inside.

There is no door bell, looks dark inside, I have no way.
I said “around 9am ~ 9:30”, so Japanese people should be prepared already before 9am, but they are Filipino…so they would prepare at 9:30…

I waited in front of the hostel around 10 minutes, then someone came out from the door!
They were Japanese girls.

I talked my story and they let me come inside, finally I met Corinna.
Hey please think about me~…

Corinna and her friend H started eating breakfast. Oh yes, not prepared yet…

Anyway, I met Corinna for the first time in 2 years when we met in Universal Studio in LA!

I gave her suemari’s postcards as her 8 years old niece love my drawings 🙂


Corinna also gave me such a cute souvenir from Philippines!
Wow! So cute! I love the color too!
Thank you so much 😀

I used it as purse for putting Korean money*

Well then, I, Corinna and H left the hostel finally at 10am~!

We took metro to Haeundae, left at exit7, then took a bus No.181.

We got to Yonggungsa Temple in 40 minutes.


It’s not big temple but there were something interesting.

We took same bus, then headed to Gwangan by metro.


Gwanganri beach.


Korean style cold noodle for lunch, 4500w(about 4.50USD)

We moved to Nampo by metro, then went to sky deck on Lotte Department Store.


Photo from the sky deck*


We moved to Jagalchi market.


There are many fishes, still alive!!
Wooow!! Interesting!!

Then we went to the International market, we separated to hang around.

I wanted going the place that I found last year.
I could buy really cheap clothes there actually.
I remembered the street a little bit and found there~!

But I had no time to look for cute clothes, so just I glanced at the area.
On the way back to a meeting point, I found the snack shop.


Shin-chan toast.
He had Japanese menu too, so I asked him I can take away or not.
Yes I could.

I went inside the restaurant to wait few minutes to take away.
I found some Japanese article inside, so this small restaurant was famous for Japanese too.
There were many local young people inside too.
Oh, I’m lucky that I found here by chance~*


Special toast for 3000w(about 3USD)

It’s good*

I met Corinna and H at 6pm under the rain.

We made a plan going to Dadaepo beach to see a fountain show, but my feeling was not so going there as rain…

I asked Corinna about going there, she still wanted to go, so we headed to Shinpyong by metro.

After Exit4, a bus No2, 11, 338 going to Dadaepo beach.

It took about 40 minutes.

Well, the show would be start from 8:30pm, I asked a guard man about the show.

He said, no show today as rain.


We came here by metro and bus, it took about an hour!(>_<)
Please write the information down on the website~!!!!


We couldn’t see the show, but we took such a photo.

Then it took an hour again to going back…

The weather report said it’s rain tomorrow too.
So Corinna asked me what we do tomorrow.

I suggested we don’t travel together tomorrow, let’s take time by ourself.
We were so tired today, took many photos together already.
So we wake up in the morning whenever we want, we go anywhere we want.

Well, I came to South Korea to meet Corinna this time though, it was just 1 day meeting(LOL).

But it was enough, we got tired very much.

I said thank you and good bye to Corinna and H.
Thank you for asking me coming to South Korea!

I arrived at home past 9pm, I fainted away when I was writing blog…