Andong Hahoe Village



Angel cooked pan cakes and egg for me*
Thank you so much!

I will go to Hahue Village today though, Angel gave me a banana.


With banana case!!(LOL)

She took me to bus stop.


I got on the bus No.46 to Hahue Village.

There were no seat for me, so I stood up.
A girl talked to me something and we started talking.
She is Kirsty, English girl who started teaching English 1 month ago in South Korea.

We got to Hahue Village and walked around together 🙂


Entrance fee for 3000w(about 3USD)


I found the stone, it’s saying here is the World Heritage.

We entered and walked into the village.


Oh!! I saw the people on Korean TV drama!!
It’s like a time slip!”


This is the Village.
Compare with the Yandong Village where I went to yesterday, this village has flat street, so easy to walk around.
If I have to chose 1 village, I chose this village.

Tourist also can stay in this village as accommodation.


This is the guest room.
(Of course it’s depend on each house.)


Photo with Kirsty*


There are river, we took a boat to across the river.
3000w(about 3USD) for return.

I met Japanese husband and wife on the boat and started talking with them.
Then, we walked together a little bit but I had to go back to city to join BBQ with Angel.
I said good bye to Kirsty and the Japanese.
They said the view from mountain peak is good, so I wanted to see that…pity!

I run to bus stop, I got on the bus safely on time.
I got to city and Angel came to pick me up, then joined South African BBQ party.


Yes, it’s South African BBQ!
Angel said, thre are many South African people in Andong.

I ate some meat and salad, then I left the party.
I said thank you and good bye to Angel, then I went to the Mask festival.


The festival started from yesterday for 10 days every year.

I had 2 hours in the festival, but it’s short to enjoy interesting free shows.
So I saw paid show.


7000w(about 7USD) with 2000w voucher, not bad huh?


This is the traditional Korean music and dance.
But it’s Korean language…so I fell asleep…I left the show in 30min.

Well let’s buy something by the voucher.
I went to coffee shop, but they said I can’t use it.
Huh? Where can I use the voucher?

I went to the visitor information and asked about it.
When I was there, a woman with 2 kids talked to me.

She is Japanese who stay in Andong for 15 years after marry with Korean man.
She helped me to use the voucher and offered show me around.
But I had no time anymore, so she took me bus stop and said good bye.

Then I got to the bus terminal in suburb.


Andong bus terminal~.


Andong to Busan for 16200w(about 16.20USD)


I got on the bus then got to Busan in 2.5 hours.

I usually write this blog on the bus though, I was so tired to write blog, just I slept.

Then I got to Jeong Ah’s house who hosted me last year, she served me quick dinner! Thank you!!


Thankfully, she had plug changer for all the world!!
I can charge laptop and camera, yatta-!!!!

I forgot taking plug changer this time, so I thought I can’t write blog and take picture.
But it was just 1 day that I didn’t charge power! Soooo lucky~!!!!(>▽<)

I fainted away as too sleepy.
I went to bed around 0:30.