Yandong Village


I said thank you and good bye to Craig, then left his house.

I walked to the bus stop to take No203.
The bus came 3 minutes before the time table when I looked other direction.
So I got on the bus in a hurry.


1200w(about 1.20USD)

Bus driver drive the bus with listening song.
It’s like South East Asia.

Then I got to Yandong Village in 30 minutes~.


This is the World Heritage sign.


Entrance fee for 4000w(about 4USD)

I asked I can leave my baggage in ticket counter, the stuff told me I can leave the baggage in the office for free, yatta-!
I expected I might bring the baggage on my back, but I’m free now~!


Oh, it’s good weather!
That’s nice village and it’s like the Shirakawago in Japan!!


I found ducks in the river~.


I took my own picture by timer*

I walked around the village around 1.5 hour, I ate bread for lunch that I bought yesterday.

Well, I walk to bus stop to take next bus to Pohan.


This is the walk way to main road.
Walk walk….so hot!!
I got to bus stop in 8 minutes.
Not so far.

Then I took the bus No700 to Pohan.

I got to Pohan in 10 minutes.


Pohan bus terminal.


From Pohann to Andong for 15500w(about 15.50USD)

I will take the bus at 2:30pm, but I sill had 1.5hour.
I asked something in tourist information.
She couldn’t speak English, so she called to translation service and I talked by phone.
Then she gave me advice and even gave me hot coffee!! Thank you!!

Ok, I don’t have enough time to explore the city, so I will hang around shopping center.

I also asked her I can leave my baggage on the tourist information box.
Usually they don’t keep tourist’s baggage though, they kindly kept my baggage for special service!! Thank you so much!!!!


I hang around the shopping center.

Then I picked my baggage up from tourist information box and went to the bus terminal.


I got on the bus and wrote blog until now, but I felt bad…I closed laptop.

When I was sleeping a little bit, suddenly the bus made big horn, I looked the front, the bus almost bump into the other car!!

I felt bus drivers in South Korea are bad driver though, this time I felt so scary!!
Just few cm to bump, but it was fine…whoaaaaa~~~…

Then I got to Andong bus terminal in 2 hours safely…whew~.

Angel, my couch host in Andong came to bus terminal to pick me up.
We went to her house by bus, then went to dinner.


Jjmdack, Angel’s favorite food.
8500w(about 8.5USD) each.

Angel said to staff “no chilli”, but the staff didn’t understand it, so the food had many chilli…
It was soooo spicy, I ate it with crying!!
Good tastes though….too spicy for me…(>_<)

When we went out from the restaurant, we saw some fireworks.
Well, there is Mask festival from today in Andong!


Wow! There are many people in the festival and looks fun!!
We missed the dance show, it’s pity!

I came to Andong just for sightseeing but I’m lucky I can enjoy the Mask festival too!

We went back to Angel’s home, I did Thai massage to her, then I went to bed at past midnight.