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South Korea again!

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“Hi Sue! How are you? Im going to Korea this September 25 to October 1. In Busan join me! Lets travel together!”

Corina, Philippine sent me such a message.
I met her 2 years ago in Los Angels, USA through couch surfing.
We enjoyed Universal Studio together actually.

South Korea~?? If she come to Japan, I show her around though.

South Korea, I thought I wanna visit there again someday, but I went there last year though.
“Hi Corina! That’s good hear from you! What’s your plan in Busan?? Will you also visit other city? I’m not sure I will join you or not, but I will think about it.”
I replied.

I’m not sure I go or not, but let’s have a check the flight ticket…

Where is the cheapest?

I took Jeju air last year, and it was 32,000yen(about 320USD).

Click, click, click…

What!? Peach air is 6000yen for one way!?!? Serious!?
I couldn’t find it last year!!
Whoa? The new route will open, Osaka to Busan in this autumn!?!?

I,,, I go.

How long I travel? Umm, I wanna do something these days, so I don’t travel so long this time.
I decided same period as Corina.
It’s 25th Sep to 1st Oct.

Yeah, I got the round ticket!!

Osaka – Busan return 12,190yen(about 120USD)

I was excited, but the price down after a week…
It was 1000yen cheaper for 1 way.
It means 2000yen cheaper for return.

NO WAY~!!!!

I didn’t know that!!
Please give me back 2000yen!!

Oh no~…
I guess not so many tickets sold…

To tell you the truth, I also bought other ticket to Okinawa and Ishigaki, so that route also got down the price…

The tickets was 6000yen(60USD) cheaper than I bought, if I wait 1 week.


But to think about it, Peach air is too cheap.

Anyway, I will travel South Korea again~!! XD


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