To Obama


Chee left for her work, then I took a rest until noon, then I left her house after noon.
I took subway to Osaka train station.


From Osaka station, I took rapid train to Tsuruga.


I enjoyed the scenery.
I like seeing rice fields 😀


I got to Tsuruga, then changed to Obama-line.

In an hour from Tsuruga, I got to Obama-shi where the place had being famous for President Obama.
Couch host, Shimizu-san came to the station to pick me up by car.
I wanted to meet him once as we are on a couch surfing in same Fukui prefecture 😀


He took me to cafe to eat light sweets 😀
Thank you so much!!

When I got to his house,,,,
That is the very old style traditional Japanese rural house!!!
I feel nostalgic so much!!!
And very cooooool!!!

There are traditional Japanese garden and many carps in the pond.
When I went to my room, I could see beautiful Japanese river.
What a great!!!

I also found the medal from Japanese emperor in my room!


Nabe for dinner~***
It’s my one of the favorite Japanese cuisine for me, yatta-!!! XD
I enjoyed the dinner with Shimizu-san and his wife with good conversation 🙂

Then I slept in traditional Japanese room.

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