To Cairns by hitch hiking | スーの海外旅行記

To Cairns by hitch hiking

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About 350km from Townsville to Cairns.
Bus takes 6 hours and the fee is around 50~70$.

Well, it’s not so long distance, let’s try hitch-hiking!!
Actually, I wanted to try hitch-hiking in Australia once!!


Andy and Davina gave me the thick paper, so I wrote the sign last night.

I left the house at 9:30am.
Thank you so much for hosting me!!!

I walked around 40min, I got to side of the Townsville city and started.


There is traffic signal, enough space to car park, so this it the good spot!

…but in 15 min, I didn’t feel I can get a car…
This is still town, it’s a little bit difficult to catch the car going to Cairns…

A woman came from a shop, so I said hi.

“Hello~! Well, I’m doing hitch-hiking here. But is here good spot to hitch-hiking?”

She said this is not good spot as almost car go to industrial area.
So I should go to farther spot near high way.

Ok, I will walk in 2 hours more to get the spot!

…I said thank you and started walking…

In few min, a car came to close me.
The driver was the woman, Silvia who I just talked!!

“I give you lift to near high way! Come on!”

Ohhhh, what a kind lady~!!! Thank you so much~!!!

“There is a pub, so if you can’t catch any car, stay at the pub tonight and take bus tomorrow, ok?” Silvia said.

Whoa~, what a kind woman, she worry about my accommodation tonight~.


About in 10km, Silvia dropped me off here.
Thank you so much!
Then I walked across the road.


Umm, perfect spot.
I definitely can get a car to North!!

I started hitch-hiking in the strong wind.

In 10 min, a car stopped~!!


Thank you so much!!
I opened the car door and asked going to Cairns.

He was the 43 years old man, Tom.
He was on the way to Waipa, far North, so through Cairns.

But when he started make a space for me, he had a gun on his truck!!!!

He said he is a hunter for horse and wild pigs.
So it was on the way to farm in Waipa to kill many animals.
He also had 2 dogs on his truck on the back.

I surprised first of course, but he seems good man with good smile, maybe it will be fine.

But when I tried to sit down the seat, the seat was dirty with many dogs hair and something wet…but I don’t say complain as I’m hitch-hiker now.

I jumped in.

Tom likes snow boarding and had been to Canada, New Zealand and Japan for that.
So he had been to Japan twice for snow boarding.
Today he came from somewhere very far town(I didn’t remember the name.) and drive about 1000km, so long distance.
It would be boring drive but he found me as talking company.
His daily job is mechanic in mine and teacher in school.
This time he go to Waipa to kill animals as hunter for 2 weeks.

He is very big man and likes crocodile meat but he has beautiful wife with blond hair.
But he showed me some movies though, the beautiful wife also took big snakes by her hands and pull pigs with their 6 dogs…so wild people..

If I didn’t have any plan, he offered to take me to Waipa to have new experience wild life though… I already plan to go back to Japan in 2 days.
Sounds interesting, but a little bit scary as there are a lot of crocodile around there.
Tom also do body board on the river that many crocodile staying under the river. If he fall down, he will be meat for crocodiles.

What a man..!!

Well, on the way, he changed his route as he will meet his friend with Atherton, so he dropped me off at Inissfall.
Actually, Tom’s music taste was different from me, kind of trans and techno, so it was good for me he changed his route.

But I found new world as I had ever met such a wild people, thank you so much anyway!!!


Then I started hitch-hiking again here~!

ummm,,, no car stop for me….I started something worry but,


in 15 min, the car stopped for me~!!!

He is Robert, business person on the way back to Cairns.

Robert have taken many hitch-hiker so far.
What a kind man~!!

He also likes meeting new people, tourist like me, so if I stay in Cairns more days, he would take me to somewhere by his car. He had showed around some tourist like that.
what a kind man~!!
I introduced couch surfing for him.

Then Robert dropped me off in front of Craig’s house who hosted me first time in Cairns a month ago!
Thank you so much for lifting, Robert!!

I got to Craig’s house at 3:40pm.
I knocked the door and showed him my hitch-hike sign, Tada-! I’m back!!


Craig gave me welcome back beer XD


I cooked Japanese curry and rice tonight 😀
Many vegetable, so yummy!

But Craig had a meeting with his friend tonight already, so I ate dinner by myself.
Curry is tomorrow’s dinner for Craig.

I was so tired as hitch-hking today, so I went to bed without write blog..


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