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Making of Kaki leaf tea

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We have Kaki tree in our house.
It grow in summer very much, so we cut the branch every summer.


This is the Kaki tree in our garden.
Mom cut the branch this year too.

There are many Kaki leaves… we threw those away every time, but I guess I can use it for something..?

I googled, then I found Kaki leaf tea!
It said Kaki leaf has 20 times vitamin C from Lemon!!
I have to make that!!!!

At first, wash the leaves then dry it for few days under the shade.


This is the dried Kaki leaves.


Cut those in 3mm each.


Boil water to steam the leaves.


Steam in 90 seconds.


Take lid out, then take water drops out by fan in 30 seconds.


Steam it again in 90 seconds.


Take the steamed leaves out.


Dry it under the shade.

I made organic Kaki leaf tea with many vitamin C~!!

Put some tea into hot water in 10~15 minutes…the taste is very soft and good~***

Now we mix Dokudami tea and Kaki leaf tea, it’s so yummy and healthy!!
The Kaki leaf tea also can use for skin lotion.

I will be more healthy and beautiful~***

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