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Making of Dokudami Tea

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I love Dokudami, Japanese herb very much.
I wanted to drink Dokudami Tea from last year!

So the Dokudami season was coming! It’s June!
I use Dokudami herb for tea, skin lotion, bath herb and soap.

Anyway, this time I make Dokudami tea!
Dokudami tea is very good for health actually.
I’m drinking the tea every day.

Let’s make Dokudami tea~!


Wash Dokudami by water.
I wash it around 5~6 times.


Dry it on the roof~*


If it’s not good weather, make bundle of it, then dry.


It will be completely dried in a week.


Cut it 1cm each on the pan.


Fry it by low heat around 5~10 minutes, but no oil.
Good aroma will coming*


Then put it with desiccant to ziplock after cool down.
I put the bag to fridge.

I will make Dokudami tea as much as possible!(LOL)

When you make tea, just treat same as other tea.
If you don’t like the flavor, you’d better mix with other tea*


This is the completely organic Dokudami tea~*

So tasty! XD

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