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Hi there~, I haven’t updated Sue’s memo long time.
Oh, I updated twice in this year?

I feel it’s long time ago…ha! Come to think of it, I decided writing short travel diary to Travel Blog! That’s why I didn’t update here.

By the way, did you notice about my new profile photo on the upper left side?

This it the old version…

This is the new version!

Actually the old version photo was 10 years ago me.
I have made this website from 18 years ago, but my hair style or fashion style have changed these 2 years, so I decided changed my profile photo.

The new photo was taken last year though.
It’s from Purikura!

Well, I use this photo on my name card too.

Incidentally, the word beside of me means “Big luck”, sounds nice right?

I started upload my photo these day by day,,,from last year, did you know that?
My friend said I should upload my photo more, so I took his word.

I wish I upload movie soon*

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