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I have been taking name card since I was high school student.
The first one that I made was from snack box, I cut the character and wrote my name, birth date and hobby by hand writing.

Yeah, I like make someone surprise and laugh since childhood.

But this year, I didn’t have name card, just I had the business card of Travel Thai massage, very simple one.

Well it was ok as I’m doing Thai massage actually, but I wanna give my cool name card when I meet someone on travel or fun event.
I thought so very much when I traveled around Okinawa actually.(Even I forgot take my business card too… no way~..)

It’s time to make new name card… when I thought so, I found special deal on PrintPac website!
The price is just 470yen(about 5USD) for both colored 100 pieces name card!

Come to think about it, the PrintPac made post cards and sticker for free in the past!!
The quality was pretty good!

I can choose the paper and weight of the name card, additionally free shipping!!
Just 470yen altogether, why not order now!? XD

Thus I started making new design of my name card.
I wanna have impactful, cool, cute and make someone happy name card like trading card!
I put my drawings on the past name cards but I use my face this time!

Then this is new design~.


(There are mobile number and e-mail on the real name card.)



And also I ordered Travel Thai Massage business card too.


(There are mobile number and e-mail on the real name card.)



I uploaded the design datas, ordered 100 pieces each.
I can’t wait to have it!! XD

In 4 days… I got the products!!
So how’s the quality??


Wooooow!! Awesome!! Great quality!!
Colors perfect!! XD


Back side also goooood!!

I ordered more after I checked the real name cards***
Whoa~, I wanna give new name card to someone soon~***

By the way, this is the old design that I had.


Well, not bad, huh? 😉

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