Became an android


I’m checking free apps every day after I got new iPod touch 🙂

Well, I downloaded and tried “女神カメラ(Goddess Camera)” as it was free for limited time.

So I took my own picture by the camera, then started it.
It put life energy to my face by some effect.

I didn’t expect at all but I said “What is this!? It’s awesome!!!”.

It made my face more white and beautiful, eyes has sparkles.

It was so fun, so I tried several times, then I could make something unhuman picture.
I’d like to introduced it here.

At first, this is the completely original photo that just I took by myself.
No effect at all.


Hey, it’s me, but I surprised by myself.
Who is it? It seems unfeeling human.
Where is normal self!?

Now, let’s put life energy to the pictue!


Oh woooow!! It looks like a CG~!!!(LOL)
It’s like a game character from Final Fantasy or Android!?


I used other effect and made my eyes blue with blue flame 😀

Hahaha, I feel like I came from two dimensions world(LOL).
That’s awesome~ 🙂

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