One of my dream came true


I’m hungry~.
Is there anything I can eat~?

When I went to kitchen, I found something.



Oh~, good banana~.
I eat it.

I took a piece of banana.


Huh~, looks very good~.

Hey! Come to think of it,,,, I would do that!!!

I had a dream.
I had a dream that I wanted to do long time…

When I traveled around South East Asia, I saw some kids who put banana on their head.

I thought it was very funny!
Yeah, I wanna put banana on my head too~….

Actually, I already took a piece of banana but I guess I still can do it!!

Yes, I do!!

I prepared tripod stand for taking picture for my first banana experience.
You know, I have an experience of professional photographer.
So I will take good photos of me.

I wore white jacket as reflection board, so let’s take picture!!


What a good banana~!


It was my dream that I put banana on my head.


How about with banana glasses?

Ah, what a fun!!!

Thus one of my dream came true***

You know, if you think about your dream, your dream will come true too~ XD

Yeah, now, I wanna boy friend this year…!(but how..?)

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