Charcoal face pack

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Well, you know I traveled South Korea though, about detail please read the blog, but I realized Korea is beauty country.

Because of my couch host Ik-sou(27) gave me these for souvenir.


Looks like milk at a glance but this is the Charcoal face pack.

Ik-sou is boy.
But to my surprise he had many skin care products like skin lotion and oil on his room!
And there were many face pack on his fridge!
(I prefer vegetable though~!)

Anyway, he care a lot about his skin.
So I gave him Tamarind Body solt as souvenir that I bought it in Thailand.

Japanese boys should care their skin like him!?

Well I don’t know Ik-sou is speciall boy or not, but let’s try the face pack~ 😀

…I can’t read Korean language at all~!!(>_<) I sent a help message to Ik-sou. Tell me how to use it~!! Then he replied quickly with some photo. Photo...? I opened it. 写真

Wooooow!! So easy to understand!!(LOL)
Besides so cute!!(LOL)
I can’t believe he is 27 years old…younger.
Well, his face is a little bit similar to my best friend Chee too..

Ok, now then, I try the Charcoal face pack~!!

Spread spread.

Spread spread.



It takes 15 min to dry…

Ah! Why don’t I take a photo of me like Ik-sou!!



Oh~.., I’m like a handsome man…!!(LOL)


Hey brother~, do face pack!!

Who am I!!(LOL)

In 15 min, I peeled the black skin…

Oh~! I feel my skin very clear~!! That’s so nice~!!

Thanks Ik-sou you gave me such a interesting stuff~***

When I go to Korea next time, I wanna buy that~!! XD

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