Osaka story


Well, I got to Osaka in 3 hours by train 🙂

When I got to meeting point 30 min before, there was no one…but many people came soon.
Then everyone headed to Painukaji, a Okinawa cuisine restaurant.


Oh~! They prepared Nagashi-somen system!


There were around 40 people. So many people!


This is making Takoyaki system.
Various topping there!


Heat up~.


Foreign people were interested in making it as it was first time to make Takoyaki!


This is Nagashi-somen.
Take floating somen-noodle from bamboo tube!


Trying making hot cake with bean jam and chocolate by Takoyaki pan.


Trying heat up popcorn…
There are not Japanese way, but we are just trying…(LOL)

After Takoyaki and Nagashi-somen,


Okinawa dance show was started.

Main event finished, then dinner was started.


Fruit juice and sea-grape from Okinawa.
It was first time to eat it!
I didn’t know about the food.

I sat down on the table with 5 people though, a guy talked about party tomorrow in Kyoto.
Sounds interesting, so I go~!

Next day, I went to Arashiyama, Kyoto by train~.

The party was 1 year anniversary of Guest house, Rakuen.
The guest house, Rakuen is just 2000yen(about 25USD) for dorm a night in Kyoto, it’s cheapest guest house in Kyoto actually.

The party fee was 2000yen for male, 1500yen for female, we can eat and drink whatever we want! Very good deal!!

The owner Takashi-san is just 24 years old, he have been hitch-hiking more than 1000 cars and traveled around Japan 5 times, awesome.

So the party was not so usual you know…


They are baking whole babe!!
That’s awesome…!! Here is not South East Asia!!!

Many people came to the party, even professional musician came there to play.

I heard there will fire-works in the night though, I decided to move Kyoto university to see maniac music live with Mr.G from the party.

When we got there, I felt end of the century atmosphere or something…
It was not so interesting but I saw famous singer who sing about anti-nuclear plant.
So I surprised a little bit.

…this post is long again. I will write more next!

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