A story going to Osaka


Well, blog post date is delay these days…

Actually, the last post was 10 days ago I wrote, but the date is a month ago.
Umm, I should write a post on the day~… but I have many articles that I wanna write…!

Well, it’s Ok, just write as I want write.
I write a story when I went to Osaka last time…but before that I tell you something!!
I made new website~!

Travel Thai Massage
On this blog, I will write something beauty and health 🙂
Anyway, I wanted to make the website about Thai massage.

Now then, Osaka story.

A Japanese friend I met him in Athens in Greece, Mr.S, traveled around the world at that time.
He posted a message on the facebook that he do photo exhibition in Osaka.
It reminds me something.
He said it’s his dream that someday he do big photo exhibition in Japan.

Osaka and Fukui is not very far, so shall I go?

He also said if I go to Osaka, he let me stay his house, so I decided to go to Osaka on weekend.

Thus I sent SMS to him to confirm that what time I should go to Osaka and I can go to photo exhibition on Sunday or not.

But his reply made me surprise.

I “I think I will go to Osaka tomorrow afternoon though, what time is good for you? Can I go the photo exhibition?”

Mr.S “What do you do in Osaka in the evening? Is there anywhere do you wanna go?”

I “Not evening, I come Osaka around 2pm. So can I go the photo exhibition?”

Mr.S “Photo exhibition? It’s already finished last week.”


I called him quickly!!

“Hey! What do you mean by that!? There is no meaning that I go to Osaka anymore!! I thought going Osaka to see your photo exhibition!!!”

“Oh yeah~?? Sue-san, you have many friends in Osaka, so I thought you come Osaka for other your business~”

If it was true, I didn’t need to stay your house!!!

“I don’t need to go to Osaka anymore…”
“No~, come and do sightseeing~”


“Well, let me think about that.”
I hung up the phone.

What a jerk…! I told him that I will go to his photo exhibition!!
It make sense that his 50 Euro was stolen by stranger in Athens!!!!

Anyway, if I go to Osaka, is there any interesting event?
When I check Couch surfing, I found “Making Takoyaki and Nagashi somen event”!!

Wow! It shold be fun than photo exhibition!! I go!!

I should call Mr.S too.

“Hey, Mr.S! There is Takoyaki and Nagasi-somen event and we can eat as much as we want just for 1000yen(about 12USD). So why don’t we go together”
“Ah~, well~, I do house cleaning tomorrow~. So I don’t go~.”


“Ok, but I don’t know I go your house tomorrow as the event will be end at late night. Anyway, I call you again!”

Then I headed to Osaka from Fukui by train in the morning.

On the train…

Well, Mr.S do house cleaning in the afternoon. So why doesn’t he join the event from the evening?

“Well~, Sue, you said you were not sure you come to my house or not. So I already made an appointment with my girlfriend in the evening. Sorry~.”


I felt I don’t need to meet him anymore.

Thus I don’t know why I went to Osaka though, this post will be long.
So I will write tomorrow~!

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