A boy cycles around Japan

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I have a friend Mika, but we ever have met in Japan.

I met her in New Zealand first, then she came to travel to Thailand, then we met in Montreal then we traveled together for a week.
She is in Canada by working holiday visa now.

At night, I got a message from her.

Hey Sue-san!
Just I got a message from Hide-kun though, he is in Fukui now on the way to cycle around Japan!
If you had a time, please call him 😀

Are you sure~~~!?!?

Hide-kun is the young brother of Mika.
Come to think of it, I also have met with Hide-kun in New Zealand and Thailand.

I called Hide-kun’s mobile and he was in 15km away from my place!
But it’s midnight already, so he stay Michino-eki(Road station) tonight.

So Hide-kun came to my home next noon~!! Welcome~!! XD


Wow!! He has the sigh “日本一周”(Cycle around Japan) on front and back! Cooool!!


He gave me souvenir..!!
Thank you so much***
He is 22 years old now, what a courtesy!!

He took a shower first,


then I prepared the lunch for him 😀
with Italian wine and American cheese*

Well, tell me your travel story!

He traveled around 88 point Shikoku area by walking for a month, then now he is on the cycle journey for every prefecture in Japan!
He is sleeping on Michino-eki most of the time.
(Michino-eki is public road station and can be stay at night sometimes. It’s just a rest space but can sleep secretly(LOL) It’s very clean and not danger in Japan you know :))

Wow, that’s so interesting!!

North from my house, I know many place to stay for free as I also traveled by walking to Hokkaido last year!
So I told him many information and introduced some couch surfing place too.

Ah~, Hide-kun makes me to do cycling travel~ XD

Well, it’s a chance too, so let’s do short trip with me~!!

Hide-kun cycles, I ride on motor cycle(LOL), going rural road~*


We got to “Echizen Soba’s village“.


Echizen Oroshi Soba!
So yummy***

Actually, Hide-kun and I don’t like Soba so much but this soba was very good!


Bolga rice!!
So yummy***
The topping, fried Soba’s pieces was good smell and taste!!


Soba’s soft cream for dessert.
The topping, soba’s seed was so yummy!! XD
Hide-kun bought it to me, thanks!!


We went to Takefu knife village next.


Woow! We can see how to make knife very close!

There is knife making course once a year too!

Looks interesting~!!!
I might apply!! XD


We came to Echizen Washi village next.

I came here for the first time though,


there are many beautiful Washi paper~!!
How they make such a beautiful paper?


We did short trekking on the mountain,


then Hide-kun headed to North to Hokkaido~.

Good luck~!!!

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