My Birthday

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Yes! I’m 32 years old today!!
Really? Am I sure? I’m sure!!

Gee, I become 64 years old after 32 years I live.

Life is very short!!

My best friend chiee send a present for me,,,

What’s thaaaaaaat!!!!
That looks very suspicious!!!

I thought she was cheated by some kind of suspicious group when I opened the box.
In addition, it’s very expensive, about 15,000 yen.

I didn’t know that but it seems very famous stuff in Japan.
You know, Japan is awesome country as usual while I had been to oversea.

The silver wand’s name is Platinum-germanium-roller.
Yeah, it’s made with those, I can’t use my tongue for the name is very complication. 😛

Buuuuut, chiee, always making better herself, is using it 6 months already, moreover, her mother and aunt have it as well I heard.

Is this such a dynamite stick..?

Well, now, I’m a member of antiaging teeeeeeeam!!!

Thanx, chiee!!

I stayed my birthday at Canada 2 years ago,
I stayed my birthday at New Zealand last year,
I thought I’d stay at Hawaii or Vietnam this year though,
I can’t go anywhere till I finish a thing what I have to do and I want to do!!!!

For that reason, I’m in Japan now, look at second picture!

It’s a birthday cake that I bought it by myself.
The name plate is saying “Happy birthday Sue, 32”.
Lovely, isn’t it? ;D

And then, I took my own picture with cake.

Heeey, you may say who are you!
See, today is my birthday, precious one. :D:D:D

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