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You know, I’m a very lucky person that something like this event comes sometimes, I fond something in potato chips.

At first I thougt it’s a root of potato..? and then I touched it carefully.

Then I gazed it more carefully, it’s maybe a kind of 2 cm string from cloth.

It was turned a bit yellow for oil, but I could see the fiber of string.

For normal person, it might be not important story, but I have had some same story like this, so I turned the bag of chips and called to the customer center.

And then a good attitude lady answered the phone and called back for me, then I explained my situation.

Her answer was send me return-envelope and replacement as I expected.


So the above picture is that.

For replacement, they gave me 4 bags** 😀

And with apology letter,return-envelope and 80yen stamp as telephone fee.

Wow, nice support.
I think it’s the way of quality contorol!

As you read, you’d better to cooperate if you find something from food!

Incidentally, what matters I have ever took,,
* Prastic from dumpling.
* String from high-class chocolate block.

Am I lucky or unlucky?

Definitely lucky!! :D:D:D

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