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I reinstalled OS windowsXP for it seemed some programs are broken.
I thought reinstalling is very bothering though, I expected all troubles going to be better than if I don’t do it.

So I did it for 2 days.

Then it’s be good to use and I checked some problems again.

Still exist!! How come!?!?

I checket it out in Internet and I fond why the problem still going.
I have some multi-lingual web page, but if someone came there using Internet Explorer, sometimes the page show you just all white.

It’s no problem if I’m just using English, but if I use character code of UTF-8, it maybe multi-lingual code, it cause the problem.

The way for resolution that just set Meta tag of charset under a Head tag.

I think I.E. still has some bugs…dosen’t work…

Now then, I felt better to make new web page 😀

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