1952 Bentley Mark VI


1952 Bentley Mark VI

For sale!
Price: 10,000,000Yen(JPY) *open to listen your offer.

Original engine & system. Runs Good!
This MkⅥ has the 4&1/2(4500cc) engine instead of 4&1/4. Trial new engine car (less than 200 made).
Then it became R type Bentley4&1/2. Very rare!!

The first owner was a British aristocrat. In fact, the original color was green.
The current color is the color that is called as “Playboy Rolls-Royce”.
Maybe, the previous owner, an American, probably painted.

The price was 3,500 pounds in 1952.

This car had been fitted a custom radiator ornament of Rene Lalique glass, and, had been lit up from the bottom. This car was a only one car in the world equipped such a radiator shell.
But, unfortunately it has been changed to the old Flying Lady of Rolls Royce.
If it has attached, it is as same as a price of a single car!!
I heard this story at the enthusiast club in England. There are all stories (histories) of every single Rolls Royce and Bentley cars.

ROLLS-ROYCE ENTHUSIASTS ‘CLUB The Hunt House, High Street Paulerspury, Northants.
In there, there are component design diagrams of all Rolls Royce and Bentley.
They are able to make all parts. So, they are able to send you all the parts you need.
But for the car of 1952’s, you can get all the parts easily in London.
I was registered my name and address in the history of this car. If you are going to register yours, your name and address will be kept in the history of the car forever following mine. It might be a fun of you.

Since there is a handbook of this car, maintenance are easy. I have one.
Some people of dealers have competed in the Monte Carlo Rally every year at that time 1950’s,
On that occasion the Bentley won the Grand Prix d’Honneur in the concourse section in 1952.

Front coil spring. Independent front suspension. Semi leading wishbone. SU twin cab,
Twin Exhaust pipes etc.etc …
It is a fun car to have.

Today an excellent example of this rare style may be seen in here.

  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI
  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI
  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI
  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI
  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI
  • 1952 Bentley Mark VI