1915 Ford Model T Coupèlet


1915 Ford Model T Coupelet

For sale!
Price: 10,000,000Yen(JPY) *open to listen your offer.

Original condition. Wooden wheels, Weight 1,540 lbs. Runs Good!
First of the convertible cars, it was offered only four years, then replaced by the Coupè.

Salient features from 1915 Model T;
Electric head lamps: Louvered hood: curved rear fenders: metal cowl: round oil lamps.

Compression ratio was again lowered slightly. To supply the extra power required for lighting head lamps, the magneto coils were enlarged and the magnets were again increased in size to 3/4 inch.
A medium-Weight connecting rod was introduced having a bore of 1&3/8 inches and a Babbitt thickness of 1/16 inch.

In 1915, the new styling was offered only in two entirely new body types, the Sedan,
And the Coupèlet (this car), having the first convertible top; the Coupè was discontinued.
Rear fenders were curved for the first time on all body type.
Upholstering was entirely of leatherette on the open cars.

For the first time all spark-coil boxes were made exactly alike of pressed steel with smooth corners and sloping top.

The light bulbs were of 9-volt capacity and were wired in series because the magneto voltage ranged from 8 to 28 volts or higher, depending on engine speeds. Thin arrangement was never entirely satisfactory, for at low speeds the lights were dim, and, occasionally, at high speeds were so bright they would burn out.
But don’t worry; light bulbs of this car are ok so far with my drives.

A hand Klaxon appeared. You would enjoy this very laud hand horn on my car.
The Stewart speedometer was discontinued as standard equipment but was available as an optional item.
So my car has no speedometer. Don’t worry again. You can buy it on internet easily and less expensive.

Today an excellent example of this rare style may be seen in here.

  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet
  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet
  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet
  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet
  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet
  • 1915 Ford Model T Coupelet