To Mexico city

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I said good bye and thank you to Catherine, I left Isla Mujeres by ferry for N70$(about 5USD).
I got Cancun on 10am, then went to ADO bus terminal by mini bus for N6$(about 0.50USD).
I took airport bus for N45$(about 3.50USD) from bus terminal, then I got to airport on 11am.

I took a plane Volaris airline for 60USD to Mexico city.
It’s much cheaper than taking bus, the bus cost around 100USD and take 24hours to Mexico city.

But when I take on the plane…


Whaaaaat!? What’s this~~!?!?!?
A lot of smoke!?!?

…well, no, it seems dried ice!?!?

When I went my seat,,, sooooo cold!!! Is here inside of fridge!?

But after the plane landed, the temperature getting normal.
What was that…

Then the plane arrived at Mexico city on 4:30pm!


I took a subway to couch host, Arturo’s place for N3$(About 0.25USD).

I think here is the cheapest place we can take a subway such a cheap fee in the world!!

Arturo hadn’t came back yet from work, so French girl, his room mate let me inside 🙂


View from house.

Arturo came back to house around 8pm, then we went to street restaurant together.


Apple soda juice and these Mexican food, N33$(about 2.50USD)

I went to convenience store later but the prices are expensive than Cancun downtown!
For example, a water bottle is almost double price…(>_<)
I never expect that!

Well, my throat feel pain a little bit as pollution or high land place..?
Good night.


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