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Well, I go to Downtown by trolley.
I go to Horton Plaza to do Internet first. (There are free wi-fi everywhere in Nordstorm shopping mole.)
While I was walking, I found a shoes shop!

I wanted Converse shoes, so when I checked the price, it was 24.99$!!


I took this one 😀
Shoes 24.99$
5 pair of socks 4.95$
Tax 2.32$

Total 32.26$

I wear it now.


So cute!!! 😀

Then I did internet, I go to Old town today!


About 10min by trolley.


I arrived at Old town.


Old hotel


Old house


The atmosphere is like a Mexican.

What do I eat for lunch..? just hanged around though, a man talked to me “This was nice!”.
Huh? Hamburger for 5$? Not bad, let’s try!


6$ include tip.

Yeah, not bad!!
Just I thought about 30$ hamburger(include 2 glass of mimosa) in Venice beach… (That was so expensive for lunch…)

Well, there is shopping center Target near old town, so I go there next.
Walk walk.


Here I come.

I checked the price but,,, not so cheap???
I wanna go to Walmart…!
I went out without buying.

Then I bought a 7$ sunglasses on the T-shirts shop on the street.
I was thinking sun shine is shiny for me, so I wanted to get sunglasses, so I put it to my eyes though,,,, something strange!?!?!?

I didn’t find my foot is there.
So the purse is strange…!!

Sunglasses didn’t have any notice but I noticed that has a wide lens~!!!(>_<)
Shooooot!!!! What a made in China~!!!!

Oh no~~~!!! I lost 7$~~~(Cry)

On the way back home, I thought where I put this sunglasses somewhere…(I don’t need it anymore.)
When I came back home but no one have came yet.
My hosts are very very bush everyday.

When I was writing blog, Hiromi called me about rent a car though, the car Hiromi already booked was about 100$ for 1 week.
But we have to pay 45$ a day for insurance, need to pay 10$ a day for 1 driver, need to pay 15$ for navigation,,,,,what is USA!!!
The first price was very cheap but it’s getting expensive at last!!!
I hate thaaaaat!!!!(>_<)

I depend on Hiromi about rent a car but were there any other options for rent a car for cheap??
If I could stay on a boat with Hiromi, it wasn’t happened though.

My hosts Hilda and Cristina came back home after 10pm, then I did head and back massage to Cristina.

We didn’t spend time together so much as they were busy but thank you so much!!!


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