To Los Angeles

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I headed to Tokyo by night bus on 23:10 30th.


This is the bus.
Luckly, my next seat was not taken! 😀
Very narrow but I tried to sleep but I couldn’t sleep well…

Then I arrived at Shinjuku on 6:20 31st in the morning~
I went to Naomi’s house, she let me inside even she was asleep.
Thanks Naomi!! You help me a lot!!!

Naomi wake up, then we ate breakfast together, then she went to work, then I felt asleep until noon, zzz…

I forgot to bring extra power connecter, so I went to 100yen shop to buy that though, I didn’t wanna take small yen charge anymore, so I didn’t buy that.

Then I visited outdoor shop to see something, I went back to Naomi’s house to take shower, then I leaft.
Fortunately, I met Takucchi who worked at Hamamatsu-cho that I can get a train to airport, he treated dinner for me*


Thanks Takucchi!
Coffee after the dinner too!


I saw the Tokyo-tower on the way to train station, wa-i!


I took on the train.


This is inside. There is space for baggage too!

I checked in at Hanega first time in my life as I used Osaka or Nagoya before.
Tokyo was much cheaper than those this time.


Well, I boarded on Delta airline first time in my life too.


I couldn’t choose my seat but fortunately my seat was aisle 🙂
The plane took off at 0:30am on 1st Sep. Goooo~.

Inside plane is soooooo coooooold!!! (>_<)
Please save power~!!!


Flight meal.

The plane inside was so cold whole time but I could survive somehow in such a cold temperature, the plane landed at Los Angeles at 18:50 in local time!
From now on, the date go back to 31st August..long 31st day…

I walked thorough immigration and customs safely, I could get 90days stamp on my passport!
Yatta-!! I can stay in USA surely! The freedom spirit country!!

Then I arrived at International arrival gate, waited Dim, my couch host.
But he don’t come…so I found public phone and called his number but I might missed the number, so just I called to wrong number, it took 50c from me sadly… (>_<)

I need someone’s help..!! Just I looked for someone who have mobile and I found the one in front of me fortunately!! 😀

“Excuse me..? I don’t have local mobile phone but I need to call to this number, so could you help me..?”
“Yeah, you can use my phone”
“Thank you!!!” (with big smile :D)

I could call to Dim, actually he was waiting me at outside as he came airport by motercycle.I found Dim and run to him…


Woooow!! You were waiting me with my name on the bord!!!
Thank you for waiting~~~!!!

I borrowed his helmet and leaser jacket, then I sat on his back!
Drrrrrrrive~! He drive thorough Los Angeles!!
He got on freeway though, he drive very faaaaaast!!!
I don’t wanna die at 1st day on USA!!

Actually, Dan gave me an advice of ride on a motercycle on LA though, it’s differenet from Thailand, so take care..! I understand his advice at the time from feeling on my own riding.

I felt it was like a 120km, so I asked how fast was that to Dim though, it was just 80km…
80km…? 80kilo mile? not 80kilo meter…it’s just like a 120kilo meter isn’t it!?!?

We arrived at home, then I met my host Amber and their room mate, Heidi.
Also room animal, 2 cats and a dog. 🙂
At first time the dog was excited to me but actually she was very cute dog 😀


Amber made the dinner for us, baked salmon and salad.

We walked arownd to buy a dessart after dinner with dog.


Chocolate browney~ 😀

I and Heidi talked about traveling, we found already half past 12.
(I haven’t slept enough from 2 days ago as I took night bus and night plane though, actually 4pm in Japan, so I didn’t feel sleepy so much.)

I took a bath with relax, I go to bed~ 🙂
Los Angeles will be fun as well!! Thanks everyone :D:D:D

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