Money I spent for this trip

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Thailand for 46 days(1/20~3/6), stayed with Thai boyfriend.

Osaka – Chiang Mai, Doi Saket, Doi Pui – Khao Yai, Bangkok, Phimai

【Flight ticket】Air Asia
Osaka – Chiang Mai  13,745yen
Bangkok – Osaka 14,329yen
Total 28,074yen

【Money in Thailand】1/20~3/6 45nights
(1Baht = 4yen)
Foods 155B(620yen)
Transportation 817B(3,268yen)
Souvenir 1712B(6,848yen)
Others 61B(244yen)
Bank account fee 550B(2,200yen)
Visa 1900B(7,600yen)
Total 5195B(20,780yen)

It means,
Flight Ticket 28,074yen
Money in Thailand 20,780yen
Total 48,854yen

48,854yen for 46 days altogether.

Well, I didn’t spend so much money as usual though, I wrote down how much Joe spent for us from Valentine’s day.
I surprised but he spent about 5000B every week…!
I stayed his place about 5 weeks, it means he spent about 25,000B!!
And also he paid more 20,000B for something for us!!(I didn’t write the story on this blog.)
It means… he spent about 45,000B altogether for us!!

Oh~, that’s too much!!(>_<)

I can’t calculate the correct price but,
Foods 60%
Gasoline 20%
Home products 10%
Travel 5%
Others 5%
(I think Western style restaurant is too expensive in Thailand…!!)

Anyway, I feel he treats me as very important girlfriend, I feel really happy and appreciate it, but I will write down how much he will spend altogether at next visit.


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