Between the day Korea and Thailand

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After I came back from South Korea travel, I hosted Federico and Erica, Argentine in my house.
Actually, my city is not for tourist but they were interested in pottery, and they travel Japan for pottery.

There are 6 places called “6 ancient kiln in Japan”, the place is Seto, Tokoname, Echizen, Sigaraki, Tamba and Bizen.
Oh! Our place is Echizen! But I didn’t know it!!

Well, when I host any tourist, I can get new information from them!

I went to train station by car to pick them up, put their baggage in my house, then I asked them what do they want to eat for lunch.
I didn’t know but they were vegetarian!?

It’s difficult we host vegetarian in Japan actually, but I tried to take them to Echizen Soba Village


They ordered Echizen Soba.


I ordered Vorga rice.
I like this, yummy*


Then I took them to Takefu knif vilalge, my friend work there.

Sometimes, foreign tourist come there, but it was first time Argentine came!
I talked they came here for pottery, a staff introduced pottery work shop in next door.


Pottery work shop!
I didn’t know here!
A owner made the kiln by himself!


Then I took them to Echizen pottery village.
We went to museum.


There were Taro Okamoto’s exhibition too.

We went back to my home at night, then I cooked Japanese vegetable curry for them.
They expected Indian curry, but it was first time they ate Japanese curry, they like it!


They shared their Mate tea after dinner.
It was first time I drunk it though, the taste was like tobacco?
It was different than I expected.
Anyway, it’s good for health, I like it.

Next day, I took them to Murasaki Shikibu Park for walk around, then I brought them to train station.

Then I moved to Osaka in 3 days, then I flight to Thailand next day.

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