Watching Movie

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Joe got injured back by football yesterday, so he took rest until noon.
Wew went to clinic or pharmacy.


Noodle with pork meat and pork blood!

I surprised at first, but good taste*


By the way, we go to town through seeing such a view.


We drive such a road.


We went back home and ate noodle again.
Noodle with beef meat and beef blood.
Beef is so soft and tasty~*

Well, we go to movie theater with Beer and Plai tonight.


Beautiful sun set~!!!!

We went to Beer’s house for pick them up and headed to next city.

There is no movie theater in Pak chong.


We got to Movie theater in Robinson department.
It took 2 hours after we left Joe’s house…so far…


We bought big pop corn and juice.
Wow! It’s like I’m in USA!!

We watched X-men today, English with Thai subtitle.
The movie started 8pm but we went inside 8:40pm.
I couldn’t understand English so much, besides we started watching it from middle of the story.

After finished the movie, Joe explained the story to me, so I finally I could understand it.I have to learn English more~…

We dropped off Beer and Plai, then we got to home around 1am…
So sleepy…


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