Money I spent in South Korea

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*price is for 2 people.

8/10-8/13(3 nights) Seoul
8/13-8/16(3 nights) Busan
8/16-8/18(2 nights) Jeju

Flight ticket – Juju airline
Osaka to Seoul, Juju to Osaka 65,600yen(About 850USD)
Busan to Jeju 162600w(11,583yen)(About 150USD)

Accommodation – through Hostel world

Money I spent in South Korea 64,725yen(About 800USD)
64,725yen / 2ppl = 32,363yen
32,363yen / 8nights = 4,046yen

Transport – train – Seoul to Busan 106600w(7,583yen / About 95USD)
Transport – metro, bus and taxi – 128070w(About 9,220 / About 115USD)
Food – 286280w(About 20,610yen / About 250USD)
Accommodation – 80000w(About 5,760yen / About 70USD)
Cloths – 160700w(About 11,570yen / About 150USD)
Spa – 42000w(About 3,000yen / About 40USD)
Admission fee – 15000w(About 1,000yen / About 130USD)
Medicine – 2000w(About 140yen / About 2USD)
Other stuffs – Souvenir, scrubbing body and paper for toilet, etc.

Total for 2 people(blue ones) 142,755yen
142,755 / 2 ppl = 71,378yen(About 900USD)

So it means,
4046yen for each day / person(About 50USD)
Total of this trip 71,378yen a each(About 900USD)

This is the result.

But in this trip, I bought many cloths and souvenir, even took rest at cafe many times, so it was like a standard Japanese people’s trip, that’s why a little bit expensive.

Anyway, we enjoyed South Korea! 😀


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