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New Entries

Cloths I bought in South Korea

I forgot to take 3 cute cloths that I bought in Jeju island, South Korea.
I gave up to take it back again once, but I decided to give up after what I could do!!

I wrote about the story at the past blog.

I called to South Korea every day and night, then I got confirmation the guesthouse staff sent the percel to Japan 4~5 days ago.

Today I got the parcel~!!

Yatta-!!!! My cute cloths!!
I opened it with joy!!
Long time no see~my cute cloths~!!
I really don’t understand myself Why I forgot it!!

Well, if I didn’t forget it, I didn’t think I put the photos here, but I wrote I introduce here if I got, so let’s introduce~!!

The model is…Sue from Sue’s Page, not professional though.
There is no camera man, so I take myself by timer in my Japanese style room!
Let’s get started~!!

See, this is ordinary I~.
T-shirt from mom’s friend, and pink pants from UNIQLO.
I haven’t make up yet, so I’m looks like a man~.
My legs got fat after walking through Japan, and got dark from sun burn in South Korea~, sorry not beautiful~!!

Well, I make me up…like common people…

First I start introduce cute cloths that I forgot in Jeju~!!

White camisole dress!
Very soft and cute with corsage!!
9900w(About 12USD)!

Light pink color lace top.
9900w(About 12USD)!

Well, next cloth is expensive one, maybe scammed!

30000w(About 25USD)!
Very cute! But frustrating! But very very cute!!
Ah~ I wanna do dating with this cute cloth~.
Please do dating with me, someone~!(>_<)
I should try online dating site...!

Well next~, common price cloths~.

Mesh top T-shirt for 3000w(About 2.50USD)!
Skirt with leggings for 7900w(About 7USD)!

Next, most expensive cloth that I bought in South Korea!

White pants for 40000w(About 35USD)! It might be scammed!?
But good and very fit for me :D Tatoo stocking for arm for 2000w(About 2USD)!

Orange mesh hoodie for 5000w(About 4USD)!

Black mesh hoodie for 5000w(About 4USD)!
Skirt is from USA that I bought in USA last year.
Half transparent leggings for 5000w(About 4USD)!

Pink top camisole for 3000w(About 3USD)!

From now~, it’s very cheap ones like a free~!

Top camisole for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!
Skirt for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!

Just changed bottom to leggings for 13000w(About 11USD)!
This was not cheap though.

Top camisole for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!
Looks from India! But I can put it to washing machine!
Bottom pants is from my aunt.

Top camisole is a little bit small but for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!
Camouflage-printed arm cover(?) for 2000w(About 2USD)!!

Top camisole(?) for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!

Mesh long sleeve for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!
Black skirt is the one I bought in USA.

Flower dress for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!

Sky blue dress for 1000w(About 1USD)!!!!
Arm lace cover(?) for 4000w(About 3.50USD)!

Sooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!! XD

These are the cloths that I bought in South Korea~***

I don’t think I buy cloths in Japan anymore.

Was I cute??

This is the total photos.(You can see big one when you click it.)

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Money I spent in South Korea

*price is for 2 people.

8/10-8/13(3 nights) Seoul
8/13-8/16(3 nights) Busan
8/16-8/18(2 nights) Jeju

Flight ticket – Juju airline
Osaka to Seoul, Juju to Osaka 65,600yen(About 850USD)
Busan to Jeju 162600w(11,583yen)(About 150USD)

Accommodation – through Hostel world

Money I spent in South Korea 64,725yen(About 800USD)
64,725yen / 2ppl = 32,363yen
32,363yen / 8nights = 4,046yen

Transport – train – Seoul to Busan 106600w(7,583yen / About 95USD)
Transport – metro, bus and taxi – 128070w(About 9,220 / About 115USD)
Food – 286280w(About 20,610yen / About 250USD)
Accommodation – 80000w(About 5,760yen / About 70USD)
Cloths – 160700w(About 11,570yen / About 150USD)
Spa – 42000w(About 3,000yen / About 40USD)
Admission fee – 15000w(About 1,000yen / About 130USD)
Medicine – 2000w(About 140yen / About 2USD)
Other stuffs – Souvenir, scrubbing body and paper for toilet, etc.

Total for 2 people(blue ones) 142,755yen
142,755 / 2 ppl = 71,378yen(About 900USD)

So it means,
4046yen for each day / person(About 50USD)
Total of this trip 71,378yen a each(About 900USD)

This is the result.

But in this trip, I bought many cloths and souvenir, even took rest at cafe many times, so it was like a standard Japanese people’s trip, that’s why a little bit expensive.

Anyway, we enjoyed South Korea! :D

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The Lost

I came back Japan and put many stuff to proper place from my backpack.

Whoa~, I bought many cute cloths this time~***

Yeah, especially, the cloth….what?

What what what!?!?

Can’t find…

I can’t find it even I took everything out from backpack!!!

No waaaaaaaaay~!!!!!

I couldn’t find only the cute cloth that I bought it in Juju…

I asked it to mom, but she also didn’t know it.

Noooooooo,,,,,, I lost it somewhere~~~~(>_<)

Think think!! Where I lost!?!?

At cafe? cloth shop? Guesthouse???

Wait! Come to think of it, did I get the cloths when I paid??
I don't remember what kind of bag I got from the cloth shop...oh...

Perhaps I didn't get the cloths from shop, just paid the money..!?!?

Maybe yes, yes....

Oh no~~~~!!!

And also I even didn't get receipt from the shop, so I can't find the address and phone number too....no....

Do I have to give up...oh my gosh...

No! Don't give up!! This story is end if I gave up!!
Let's do something what I still can do!!!

Kind guesthouse staff might help me...I looked for the shop place on the map.

But google map is not useful as there is just few street view in Korea...
But local Korean map, Daum that Ik-sou told it to me, will be very useful in Korea.

I can see many street view and I can explain where the shop was!!

I wanted to send the url directly but I didn’t know how to paste it as the language was just Korean, so I took hard copy of the street on the way to shop from guesthouse.

Then I sent e-mail to Guesthouse staff~!!

Please help me~!!(>_<)

Whoa~..., can I get the cloths again..?
Anyway, I imagined the time of joy if I got cloths in Japan from Korea...
I wish the dream comes true...!!
Actually, the guesthouse staff doesn't check e-mail often though, plase check just this time~!!

When I checked e-mail next morning, I found the mail from the guesthouse.

Yes Mariko.
we found the cloths.
how can i give you?
where are you now??

Yatta~~~~~~!!!! XD
Thank you so muuuuuuuuuch!!!!

Well but how I pay the post fee.
It’s not make sense if I paid 2500yen for just international transfer fee for just 2000yen cloths.
Anyway, tentatively I check the international postal fee from South Korea to Japan on the Korean postal website.

It just 2710w(About 2.50USD) for 500g, 4890w(About 4.50USD) for 1kg by small packet.
Oh! It’s cheap enough!!

Even if the guesthouse staff used EMS, it will be arund 1000~1500yen(About 20USD) I guess :) So, there are some option to pay postal fee…

#1 : Paypal is easier. But if they didn’t have an account, it’s difficult though.
#2 : Use Hostel world booking system that I booked there. Book fake days and pay the money as deposit by credit card.
#3 : Send something Japanese food for exchange.

Something like this!

Well, I look forward to get my cute cloths, if I got those, I will introduce the cloths here or on the Sue’s memo :D

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End of Holiday trip

Breakfast in Shinee Guesthouse like yesterday :)
After breakfast, we packed our baggage, then checked-out.
Guesthouse kept our baggage, we went out.

It was 9:30am, but we head to airport at noon, so no time to sight seeing.

Ok, let’s shopping~*
I wanna go to cute clothe shop that I found last night~*

But it was not opened yet…
Well, no shop opened yet…

Umm,,, how about underground shopping street??

Not opened yet…

I guess these shop will open from 10am??

We can’t go anywhere, so waited a while, then some shop started open at 9:50am.

But still half shop were opened.

It’s not interesting…please open every shop~!!(>_<)

Ok, let's hang around sea side...when we headed to ocean after underground...oh!!
The cute clothe shop is opened~!!!

I was excited and tried some clothes, then bought 3 clothes XD

Mom got tired, so she decided to wait me at the cafe we went to last night.

Yogurt soft cream on the shaved ice for 4000w(About 3.50USD).
What a big! So yummy~!!! XD

I ate half of it with mom, then I went back to underground shop street again.

In Korea, shoes are also cheap, I wanted to buy any cute shoes though…

When I was walking, I found white pants!!
Actually, I wanted to buy white pants too!!

When I tried white pants at first shop, it was too small for me… :( When I tried it second shop, it very fit for me and looks cute!!!

But the price was 40000w(About 35USD).

Oh,,, it’s most expensive so far…(>_<)

It's already discounted 10% as sell, but I tried more discount to seller.
She said no.
The seller, I guess 30s, woman, her face was not friendly, no smile and looks a little bit angry.
She said something in Korean, and asked me I was Japanese.
I guess she said "It's not expensive for you! Buy it! But it now!", and she swatted strongly my back many times.

Hurts!!! Why she swat my back!?!?!?(>_<)
It never happen to swat customer in Japan!!!
(Here is part of south east Asia...)

But the pants was very fit for me, the price are same or a little bit cheaper from Japan, the quality was not bad, so I bought it XD

I went to cafe where mom waited, mom said she wanna take one more coffee, so I bought it to her for 3000w(About 2.50USD), then I headed to Guesthouse to take our baggage.

When I got to lounge, staff Shinee and Martin were there and said,
"Oh! Nice to see you again~!! I'm glad to meet you! Where did you go yesterday?".
I showed them map and pointed some places.

Then we took photo together and said good-bye.

I put my backpack on the back, took mom's baggage on my hand, then headed to cafe.

We said good-bye to staff in cafe too, then headed to big street.

I thought we will take bus to airport though, guesthouse staff recommended to take taxi as the price was not so different. The bus is 2000w, taxi is 3500w.
Certainly, it was very hot, no time to wait bus.
But I didn't have enough cash, so I had to pay by credit card!!

I grabbed some taxi, but they didn't accept credit card.
But I still tried.

"Can I use credit card?"
"No, you don't. Where do you go? Airport? Ok, 3000w! Get on!!"
"No, I just have 2000w! (>_<)"
"Ok, ok, 2000w! Get on!!"

Are you sure~~~!?!?!? Sooooo kind~~~~!!!! XD

I said "Kamusahamunida~!", thank you in Korean, then got on the kind taxi.

What a good man!!

When we got on, I checked my money.
I found it was 3070w altogether with small coins!!!

I said "I had 3000w~!!" to driver, and gave all money to him :) He smiled and said "Don't need 70w" but I gave it(LOL).

Thus I used all Korean money before leave.

We checked-in at airport, then the plane took off at 3pm to Osaka.

Well, the flight meal from Osaka to Seoul was Onigiri, rice ball, so I expected we can get it again.
But from Jeju to Osaka, they gave us just...

Just nuts!?!?(>_<)

Oh, if I knew it, we bought some bread at convenience store...

The plane landed at 4:30pm to Osaka~.

We took JR train quickly with using "Seishun 18 Kippu", a special term train ticket again.
Headed to Osaka JR station~!!


Train announce said this train just go to Tennouji, as very heavy rain and lightning strike!?!?

From Tennouji, there was substitute subway, so we took subway to Umeda.

When we got to Osaka JR station, what!?!? Every train got delayed!?!?

So, unfortunately, we could got our home at 9:30pm in a normal situation, but it couldn't...

We got on last train to halfway station, then my brother came to the station by car using high way...
(Actually, there were express train got delayed 4 hours though, we couldn't ride it as we had just cheap special term ticket. In normal situation I understand it but this was special situation, so they should let us use same ticket to take the express train I think! But Japanese way is like this. They just follow their manual. I disappointed. Other people who had same ticket as me, including old people, sadly they slept at waiting room on the station...)

Eventually, we got back to home after 1am...
I can't believe it!! Is here India~!?!?(>_<)
(Mostly, Japan train is very very punctual, never get delayed. This was very special.)

So on the way back home was very hard, I slept in like a log.

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Sightseeing in Jeju

Breakfast in Shinee Guesthouse~.
Looks very goooood :D
Bread, Yogurt, egg, tomato, orange juice and dripped coffee*

Well, about sightseeing in Jeju is just for today, so guesthouse manager Shinee gave us advice to go, so I follow it.

First, we took taxi to Bus terminal.
The cost was 3000w(About 3USD).

We took a bus to Udo island.

This is the bus.
We can use T-money card that I bought in Seoul too.
Bus cost was 3000w(About 3USD)

I expected short time riding but I didn’t know Jeju island was such a big!!
From guide book, the island size is 73km East-West, 41km North-South~!!!
So it took 1.5hours to bus stop near ferry port. Very far!!

I bought ferry ticket for 5500w(About 50USD) a each for return.
When we went to ferry terminal after went to Toilet,

Oh no~!!! The ferry just gone-!!!!(>_<)

Have to wait 30min more...so we went to waiting room but the next ferry came in 5 min!

Hey…it looks older than before…but we took~.

Then the ferry got to Udo-island in 15 min~.
But when we got off, there was no information center, no-one speak English or Japanese, so just I showed very small map in brochure in Korean and used body language that how I can go arund the island.
A souvenir shop woman said “The bus!”, so we took the local bus that just was moving.

I had no idea where to go, so I showed the map picture and said I wanna go here.
The bus fee was 1000w(about 1USD) by the way.

Where we go~?? I was thinking but the bus just stopped at next stop and got off.

写真 写真
Here we came.
Oh~, quite good~*

We bought ice cream for 3000w(About 3USD) and took some rest.
But how can I go to next place…?

The bus that I took just before was gone already, instead of that I found pink color bus.
It seems many Korean tourist are taking the pink bus, so I wonder the bus fee is also 1000w?
I got on and asked the fee to driver but he asked me “Chinese?”, so I said “Japanese”, then he said “6000w(About 5.50USD)”.

Hey driver!!! You are trying to cheat me as I’m Japanese!!! I really don’t like that!!!

He was slightly laughing with nasty face, so I got off quickly.

Ummm,,,, shall we walk??
I also found many young people riding on buggy car.
I didn’t find that on the ferry port…
I didn’t realize anything as I got on the bus quickly…

I walked a little bit but there was nothing special, so I asked the fee agin to the other pink bus driver.
He said “5000w(About 4USD) for hop on/off trip”.
Oh~, there was such a bus~.
It means the first nasty driver was scam to me about 1000w more, or 6000w just for 1 ride…
I expected Korean people are similar to Japanese people but there are still this kind of scam people who work on touristic work. Like cloth seller woman in Busan and taxi driver…
I disappointed very much…it’s like a Thailand and China…
In Japan, there are completely no such a scam people who try to cheat foreign tourist in though.
Taxi always have a fee calculate machine, about price we always have price tag and always tell correct price.
I expected too much to Korea… I have to think Korea is still in south east asia.

Anyway, I paid 5000w a each to got on the pink bus.

This is the bus ticket.
There is the price on it, but why the nasty driver said such a small lie!?!?
(I guess if I suspicious the price, he said it’s tax or something though.)

Well, the next stop was beach!

写真 写真
I put jut my feet in the sea, feel so goooood~ :D I could swim there but next bus was coming, we got on.

Next beach.
The before one was more beautiful.
I got on the bus again to next interesting stop, but when we got on the bus, the driver started to get the ticket!?!?
Why!? I thought it’s a unlimited ticket!! We have gotten on the bus just 3 times!!!
The driver said, next stop is the last, ferry port.

No way~~~~, I didn’t think the Udo-island is such a small island…
What did we do here? Just took some photos…

Actually, it seems there are 2 ferry port in Udo-island, so last stop was different port that I got on first.
But when I asked the place where we were to driver, it seems no special place anymore between 2 ports, so I decided to take the ferry to return Jeju.

I wonder why we came Udo-island for.

For incidentally, the last ferry port was bigger than the first one, I found Buggy rental shop and asked the price though, it was 30000w(About 26USD). Huh, it’s a little it pricey~.

We went back Jeju-island and head to “Song sang illchulubon”, the world nature heritage.

I saw the mountain very close, so I asked how long.
Shop seller said about 20min walk. Ok, we can take taxi for 2500w(About 3USD) too but let’s walking there~!

Walk walk.

We were using sun umbrella but the sun is very strong and hot.
I should have taken taxi with mom…

In 20~30min, we got to good view place, whoa~.

Good view~!
There was small rest place, so we sat down there to see the view.

I satisfied seeing this view already… but guidebook said it’s just 30min to crater, so I decided to go up.

Mom got tired, so I let her take a rest at the rest place for an hour.

Well, I go~!
Walk walk.
Good road too.
Then I got to bus park for tourist.

I bought entrance ticket for 2000w(About 2USD).

Walk walk.

Walk walk…
It was very steep steps…
Very hot!!!

I may fall down by heat stroke…it was good dicision I left mom…
There is no shade, very hard..

So hot….
I walked up and found rest place~!!
I took a rest there!!

写真 写真
View from the rest place~.
But I was too tired to enjoy the view.

I took a rest about 15min, then I walked up again!

I got to summit~!!!

…but what’s this…?
Is this the crater~!?!?
I expected there is lake or something~!!(>_<)
I didn't need to come here..
Mom was right.

I walked down quickly.

写真 Mom was there, I took the photo from the mountain(LOL)

We took bus for 2000w(About 2USD) a each, then we got off at 万丈窟, Manjangul.
But still 2.5km away to Manjangul, so I took taxi for mom.
Other Korean couple also took same taxi, the taxi driver didn’t use counter meter and said “1000w a each”.
If he used counter meter, it must be 2500w altogether but 4000w.
It’s a kind of scam though, Korean couple didn’t say anything too. Why?

2000w(about 2USD) a each to enter.

Walk walk down…

So cooooooold!!!!((>_<))
If you go there, take some jacket!!!
I put towel on my shoulder...

We had to walk 1km under such a cold temperature...(Actually 2km for return.)

写真 写真
It’s like a big tunnel, not so interesting, just walked in the cold temperature…
Long tunnel like man made, it’s not limestone cave but volcano cave.
There were some special shape point but not so interesting…

This is the last point.
Then we walked back in the cold temperature for 1 km…

We took a taxi to go back to bus stop for 2500w(about 2USD)
Then we went back to Jeju city by bus.

Well, I will try black pig pork for dinner!
I fond the place from guide book, the place is for local people and a little bit far from the center.
When we went inside the restaurant, I found 4 Japanese boys were on the table.
I felt bad feeling…

Menu came.
Hey! The guide book said 12000w(about 10USD) for black pork!!!(second one)
And also it’s 17000w(About 15USD) but 15000w by the sticker on the price!!!

What a price up!!!
I suspect the price just for Japanese…
It was same in 三金 in Seoul, when Japanese media introduced the restaurant, they make price up for Japanese tourist I guess…!!

Sigh…, but it’s rain outside, the black pork is local specialty, so I have to eat.

I ordered pork with skin for 13000w(About 12USD) and black pork with skin for 17000w(About 15USD) with beer for 4000w(About 3.50USD).

This is the order.

Well,,,excuse me…the meat has a lot of fat in it…

This is the article of this restaurant by Japanese magazine on the wall.
Hey, it’s very different!!

I asked about it to shop master with pointing the magazine picture on the wall, then she said “it’s a chuck”.

Isn’t it scam??

Sigh=, I wanted to let mom eat good dinner, but I will not come again such a restaurant on the Japanese guide book…
This black pork must have 5 layer by red and white part, but this is not so…
I wonder Korean people doesn’t complain this?

Ah~, I have eaten Korean BBQ for 3 times but Busan one was the best~!!(>_<)

Well, our stomach were filled with many fat, so we went back to guesthouse by walk.

Walk walk.

When we went to underground shop street, I found the shop, Etude house, a cosmetic shop.
I found interesting stuff there!

I bought these, pink one and just water proof mascara.
The pink one, the liquid make our eyelash long in 4 weeks.
I wanna try it! XD

The shop gave these stuff for service, vegetable pack and BB cream :)
We wanted to eat something feel good, because our stomach were full of fat.

I found nice cafe~!!

写真 写真
Wow, looks good~***

We ordered these.
Yogurt ice on shaved ice for 4000w(3.50USD) and ice cream with coffee source for 4500w(4USD).

But wait! There are small tomato on the ice cream~!!!
Interesting Korea!!

We went back to guesthouse past 10pm, then I wrote blog in Japanese but it’s already 3am…!?!?

I wrote this blog in English in 2 days.

Good night.

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