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Holiday trip
“I want to travel as I got long holiday” mom said so. “Huh? How long??” “11th Aug to 19th&...
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To Seoul
Last night I couldn’t set new travel blog for Korea easily, I could set at 2:30am, midnight.I leave 4:30am from ho...
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Sightseeing in Seoul
We wake up at 8am, then took bread for breakfast that we bought yesterday, then left home 10am. Mom was tired from long ...
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Rainy day in Seoul
It’s rain from morning, Ik-sou, couch host will come back home on 1pm, so I and mom went to cafe. Then Ik-sou came...
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Seoul to Busan
I slept at 4:30am, so I was very sleepy. But mom woke up early, so I wake up at 9am then. I washed my face and prepare t...
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Sightseeing in Busan
Breakfast~* Thank you so much!!!! Jeong-Ah gave me there for souvenir~* Thank you~*** After breakfast, we still had conv...
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Spa in Busan
We wake up at 9am. Today’s breakfast, thank you so much!!!! It’s Tokk, soup with sliced rice cake. Yummy~* W...
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Busan to Jeju
Today’s breakfast, Korean style curry and rice. Thank you so much!!! But the taste is still light, I wanna add som...
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Sightseeing in Jeju
Breakfast in Shinee Guesthouse~. Looks very goooood 😀 Bread, Yogurt, egg, tomato, orange juice and dripped coffee* Well,...
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End of Holiday trip
Breakfast in Shinee Guesthouse like yesterday 🙂 After breakfast, we packed our baggage, then checked-out. Guesthouse kep...
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