To London

English Japanese

Very sleepy~~. but I woke up at 9am before Ruben go to work, I said thank you and good bye.
Then I slept again 1hr, then woke up.
I took shower and breakfast, then I went out to north station by walk.

I arrived at Euroline’s office and checked-in.

From Brussel to London 36Euro

Bus was full passenger, but there is toilet, so I don’t need worry about it 🙂
Bus started at 1pm, then the bus arrived at the border at 5pm.

Baggage check in France side, then passport control in England side.

But in England side, the stuff asked me a lot of question.
How many days I stay,
Where will I stay,
Is it English or Japanese friend’s house,
What is my occupation,
How much income,
What is the purpose of visit,
How much money I have,
Show money,
Where did I stay so far,
How will I leave out from UK,
Where will I go after UK,
How much is my budget altogether,
When I do go back to Japan,,,

What a lot for 1 person!

But maybe this stuff just likes tourist’s story.
Before me, he asked about the person’s girl friend…LOL.

Then the bus rode on a ferry.

The bus arrived at London at 8pm, 1hr delay.
…I thought but in London time is 1hr earlier, so the bus didn’t get delay!!

So from Brussel to London was 7hrs by bus.
(Incidentally, when I checked the train fee yesterday, it was 200Euro…expensive..!)


At first, I bought a oyster card. (why oyster??)
Deposit 3pound, money charge 7pound.

It’s much cherper than normal ticket.

Then I took metro to Victor(44)‘s house who accepted me as couch surfer.


He prepared me a Portuguese soup, thank you!!

By the way, his house is one of the best house so far..!

I asked about criteria of accept couch surfer though,,,to be surprised, he just accept a people every 6 request..!
It means just random, no reason accept just every 6, just be declined other 5 requests.
What a criteria!!

He already have hosted around 80 people but no trouble yet.

Ummm,,,, what a lucky I am…(You know.), to tell the truth, I sent just 1 request in London though..

I did Thai massage for him with thank 😀


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