Birthday party

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Today was a Mr. Pedro(37:BJJ teacher)‘s birthday party in the gym.
Pedro invited us.


Everybody brought something to party on the Brazil flag table*

This was a birthday party for Pedro but also farewell party for me a bit 😀

When Pass(19:Thai), member of gym, arrived the party, he gave a present for us!

The presents were charm and cloth***



I got the Ganesh!
When I went to India, I also got a Ganesh though, I got today too!
It promise me good travel***

Thank you very much Pass!!

We enjoyed the party meal and drink with good conversation.

There are some people we meet today first time, so we made a circle and introduced by ourself.

But I had to leave soon because of Bus time.
Just I introduced about me quickly and ask everyone to take a picture!


Whee! I love you guys***

The party was started from 8pm though, just I left gym 15 minutes before 10pm.
Gun(21:Thai) kindly took me to bus station by his bike.
Thank you Gun!


I arrived the bus station a few minutes before they leave.
Chiang mai – Bangkok 605B
My favorite bus, Nakhon chai air*


I got a water bottle, snack, juice and sandwich from bus.(free)

Just I slept in with listening to music though,,,,someone wake up me!?!?

I was surprised but it was a police (or army?).
Just I showed them my passport, nothing special was happened..
I rode the bus many times but this was first time like this thing was happened.

Then I slept in….


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