What I do in Bangkok

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Normally, I pass Bangkok, but I stay Bangkok this time.
What do I do in Bangkok…


First mission, I made a fake student card(LOL).

I’ve made it 3 years ago for joke, the normal market price is 100B though, the saleswoman said 250B at first price.
But,,, this card’s quality is like a kid’s hobby, very low,,, I wonder where I can use this??
(Just atached a face photo and sealed.)

I checked another shop, the salesperson was Indian and quality was good though, the price was 800B….that’s EXPENSIVE….Indian…!!


This is a 10B noodle that I eat it every time 🙂
But I orderd 15B one with won-ton.
Good noodle and price*

Next mission, checking a flight ticket price.
I went to cheapest ticket shop, Travel in Style.

Bangkok to Berlin
One way 10100B
3months round 26000B
6months round 27500B
Egypt airline (Where?)

Bangkok to Barcelona
One way 13900B
3months round 27000B
6months round 28000B
Egypt airline (I’ve never heard…)

But not so cheap…


I bought a blueberry shake, 20B.

It was a time to checkout from guesthoues, I packed my baggage and checked out.
I thought I put my baggage on somewhere though, I decided to carry with me.

So, I carry my bag and rided on No.511 bus (14B) to center.


Third mission in Bangkok, exchange my money at “Super rich”.
This place is good rate to change 🙂

10000yen = 3570B, 1B = about 2.8yen

Ummm,, Thai Bahts is getting strong compare with last time.(1B = 2.6yen)

Then I wanna go to BigC …Oh no!! The shop is closed~~!!
Because of red shirts…
I wanted to buy something here though….

Well, I go to Isetan…Oh no….the shop is closed too~~~.


This is a front of Isetan, wooooo…..


This is the “Zen”, central world that was burned.
This is real,,, I’m shocked…


Next mission, I go to Platinum fasion mall that has my favorite shop inside*

Before go to my favorite shop, I fond a bag shop, just I looked it.
My bag is small, when I pack few stuffs there is no space, I want bigger one…

I checked many backpackes,

finally I bought a new backpack~~~!
Douter(Fake) 800B

Right one is my old one though, new one is like her older brother 😀


I eat lunch at food court.


Juice, something and crape = 99B

After lunch I went to my favorite shop though, the staff remember my face and he let me buy the stuff for whole sale price, yeah~!

Sue’s shop

I bought some stuffs and said good bye to staff.

My mobile phone is ringing.
Ooops, it was from Champ(Thai, Ju-jitsu friend)!!
It’s already a time to meet with him!!

I’ll be there soon!!
I ran with sweat.
20 minuts later, I could meet him after 1 month.
He came to see me after his work and his looks turned to city boy like a soccer player.

Champ took me to a nice Thai food restraunt,

what a yummy~~~******

I went to inside restaurant with my big backpack though, anyway the tastes were good*
I’m lucky to have a local friend 😀

After dinner, he took me to Bus station kindly though, he paid the taxi fee and gave me a juice.
Thank you so much, Champ(^0^)


I rided on my favorite local bus, Nakhonchai Air~*
Bus fee is double price from tourist one though, I like this bus very much*
To Chiang mai 605B


These are the meal, water, sandwich, snack and apple juice 😀

I sleep in with ear plug, gently.


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