Whee! We are dancing and expressing our joys. Cute and Funny design for everyone :D [...]


Hello, My name is Iyasun. Just born. I'm exicited to go out the world![...]

Samurai Cat

I am Samurai Cat. I have strong heart and always make better myself.[...]

Lucky Monkey

Yellow monkey is Lucky monkey. I am riding a cloud and fly everywhere. I will get hap[...]

Girl and Ox

Cute girl and ox, there is a love. The Japanese kanji means "Love". Good for someone[...]

Skating Girl

Fly to Freedom! Are you a skater? Boarder? Whatever! Enjoy ride with cute girl! The[...]



Do you like Piano? Enjoy music with this design!![...]

I Love Beer

I love beer! Why not! Cool and cute design with big beer bubble![...]


Point in Travel

When you travel all over the world, this design really works! Just point any icon and[...]