A cat feel so free in our house

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When I came back to home from Thailand, I met a cat, Loto-nyan.

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He was so cute, just around 3 months years old.


Want to go out?

Funny pose.

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He wear scrunchy that I made.
Looks like a duke?

He was an idle in our house.

But when I came back from Thailand again, he totally forgot about me!!

He liked me last time but no more in his memory…

Hey, what’s this. He is like a alien.
He eats too much…!!

So big hip and tale..

And,he relax very much in a house.

So long.
I didn’t know a cat is so long..

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He is sleeping in such a long pose.

写真 写真 写真 写真
Are you a old drunk man!?
He is like a old drunk man!!

A cute kitty became to old man in 1 year..!!

He eats enough, sleeps enough, everybody like him, what a nice life..
I understand many people say “Want to be a cat”, haha..

Cats are so free.

Anyway, he is still cute though.

Playing with cat from a box(LOL)

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